trendMARK contributors touch upon a wide array of subjects that deal with consumers, the reputation economy, technology and the budding 54 market-strong continent that is Africa.

trendMark features insights from ‘thought leaders’ such as Dion Chang, founder of Flux Trends, who has established himself as one of South Africa’s most influential trend analysts; entrepreneurial educator and principal at the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy, Dave Duarte; MD of Idea Engineers, Shauneen Procter; founder of Fuseware, Mike Wronski; Ornico CEO, Oresti Patricios; and head of digital strategy at Machine, Andy Gilder.

In its launch issue, Duarte outlines a three-step process for deciding what trends are while Chang gives a rundown of top trends in the consumer landscape, from retail disruption to understanding the millennials and their plenty martyrs. Patricios contributes on media trends, looking especially at that the politics of mobile news, and Gilder refuses to bark up the wrong tree, urging that we all focus on perfecting what we already know instead of trying to prophesy the future of digital.

Procter discusses the bigger picture in incorporating sustainability in business operations, driving the point home that ‘green’ is not a colour, while Herman Mason, editor and publisher of, discusses the advertising landscape of 2013 and extracts lessons for the adland to learn as we progress into 2014. Gugu Mtshali, Ornico’s head of Africa division, who’s been eating, breathing and shopping the Nigerian way for seven years, shares on Nigeria’s Retail Death-match. According to Mtshali, everyone must be at the edge of their seats as 2014 and beyond hold more excitement for the West African giant than we’ve ever seen.

trendMARK is a joint venture between Brand IntelligenceTM company Ornico and, the authoritative voice of the advertising, branding, marketing and media community in South Africa. Design for this premier annual is done by Idea Engineers, the communications agency with a business-minded approach. It is edited by Mandy de Waal, consulting editor at MarkLives.

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