Ad of the Week: I see a different Brand Soweto

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Three Soweto residents named Vuyo Mpanthsa, Justice Mukheli and his twin brother Innocent, decided to do something about the unfair image Soweto has accrued with a project they call, “I See a Different You”. This isn’t, strictly speaking, an advertising campaign, but it has so much to teach marketers that it is worth looking at.


You know those lists of the best blog designs, your favourite design sites, the hottest creative minds? Yeah. Well guess what – we are going one better. Our favourite SA interactive designers will be featured on MarkLives during the course of the next few months with interviews and samples of their best work. Because substantial designers deserve substantial coverage. Soweto based Reggie Legoale marries protest to design to create work that is both substantial and beautiful.

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