MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • Getaway
  • Ideas Entertainment
  • Il venerdì di Repubblica
  • New York

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DESTINY, May 2016

DESTINY, May 2016

A hundred powerful covers, featuring more than 100 extremely powerful and respected South African women. The DESTINY team has done amazing work over the past 100 issues (not all on this cover), highlighting very important issues and projects, and putting a spotlight where sometimes very necessary… I wish the team not just another 100 issues but 100 years!


Getaway, May 2016

Getaway, May 2016

Exactly four years ago, I went horse-trekking through the valleys, mountains and rivers of Lesotho, walking and trotting through the beautiful communities along the way, and staying with locals. It wasn’t the easiest destination, but definitely one of the most beautiful, and all of it right on our doorstep! With the current exchange rate, Getaway couldn’t be more right in saying that Lesotho will be able to offer you the cheapest winter snow holidays by far. The only thing in your way now is getting there, and trekking through those mountains… At least it’s all as beautiful as on this cover. If you want to know what else you can expect in this issue, click here.


Ideas Entertainment, 2016

Ideas Entertainment 2016

It’s one of those cover concepts that could have easily looked like a dog’s breakfast, trying to convey the main theme, but I think the Ideas team has done it brilliantly. As it, of course, always does…


Il venerdì di Repubblica, 15 April 2016

Il venerdì di Repubblica, 15 April 2016

A rough translation is that children are joining and being used as terrorists, with consent from their parents… A very sad reality, but excellently portrayed in the artwork on this cover to help get the message across.


New York Magazine, 18 April–1 May 2016

New York Magazine, 18 April 2016

Ah, I love this guy! Some find James Franco weird and say that he tries too hard to stand-out and be different, but I think he’s unique and an artist in his own right. Here he’s being interviewed by one of his critics and, on the cover, portraying Vincent van Gogh’s “Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear”. Love him or hate him, Franco knows how not to take himself too seriously…


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