by MediaSlut (@MediaSlut) Sexy, like beauty, is subjective and I’ve donned my various pairs of straight, gay, kinky and conservative spectacles once again for my #MagLoveTop10 list of the sexiest magazine covers of 2015!

This year’s #MagLoveTop10 will also include new sections covering travel and business, and here’s the publishing schedule:

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#10. V, Summer 2015

V, Summer 2015

Even though Rihannarama is showing us a bit side-boob and a lot of skin, this “ultimate bad gal” is looking stylish and sexy without being trashy. This shoot could easily have gone to the opposite way very quickly…

This is V’s first appearance on this list.


#9. M (France)

M (France)

A fresh face and beauty which just exude true sexiness. Read more here.

This is M’s first appearance on this list.


#8. Galileu (Brazil), November 2015

Galileu, November 2015

Brilliant concept, styling and photography focusing upon the question of “gender”. I think the answer is that it doesn’t matter what your gender is, or what you identify yourself as: you can still be über-sexy… Read more here.

This is Galileu’s first appearance on this list.


#7. The New York Times Style Mag, 11 September 2015

The New York Times Style Mag 11, September 2015: Michael Fassbender

There’s something ultra-sexy about this Michael Fassbender cover… Want more? Then read the digital version of this 206-page (stunning!) magazine but be warned: there’s A LOT of advertising in the beginning of the issue… Read more here, too.

This is The New York Times Style Mag’s first appearance on this list.


#6. Vanity Fair (Italy), May 2015

Vanity Fair (Italy), May 2015: Raoul Bova

Grrrrrrrr, Rrrrrrraoul! A beautiful man with a beard and striking blue eyes — and such a stunningly fitted suit — is the death of me! Grrrrrr…

In 2014, Vanity Fair (Italy) made it to #7 on this list.


#5. ESPN, Body Issue 2015

All six ESPN Body Issue covers of 2015 share the no.5 spot this year, featuring the athletic bodies of Odell Beckham Jr, Amanda Bingson, Bryce Harper, Chantae McMillan, Kevin Love and Natalie Coughlin. Here are even more images of these strong and sexy sport stars. Read more here, too.

In 2013, ESPN Body Issue made it to #1 on this list.


#4. Avaunt (Launch Issue), Spring/Summer 2015

Avaunt, Spring/Summer 2015

Acrobatics? Athletics? Either way, it’s super-sexy! Read more here.

This is Avaunt’s first appearance on this list.


#3. Wonderland, October 2015

Wonderland, October 2015: Lucky Blue Smith

Luckily, we certainly aren’t blue about this cover! Read more here.

In 2013, Wonderland made it to #7 on this list.


#2. Interview, August 2015

Interview, August 2015: Justin Bieber

S.E.X.Y! That’s all that needs to be said about this cover featuring Justin Bieber… For the full interview and photoshoot, go here.

In 2014, Interview made it to #4 on this list.


#1. WAD, Summer 2015

WAD, Summer 2015

When I featured this cover earlier this year, I wrote that “it’s definitely in the swimming running for sexiest cover of the year!” I might have put my ass on the line by saying that, but I was right! Read more here.

This is WAD’s first appearance on this list.


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