by MediaSlut (@MediaSlut) Today, we’re looking at South African and international magazines which have made our #MagLoveTop10 Best Foodie Covers of 2015, whether off-beat, arty, or just plain smart and mouth-watering!

This year’s #MagLoveTop10 includes new sections covering travel and business, and here’s the publishing schedule:

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#10. Milwaukee Magazine (The Food Lover’s Guide), March 2015

Milwaukee Magazine (The Food Lover's Guide), March 2015

To create this explosive (and messy) cover, the Milwaukee art department used approximately 20.5kg of flour for “tossing, shaking and downright throwing”. The end result kicks off the food fight for the no. 1 position!

This is Milwaukee’s first appearance on this list.


#9. Food & Home Entertaining, December 2015

Food & Home Entertaining, December 2015

This Christmas-inspired cover gave me hope that there’s more to Christmas-dessert than the normal (and, most times, boring) trifle we’re force-fed, come Christmas day… It doesn’t only look festive (very important), but also über-delicious (even more important)!

In 2014, Food & Home Entertaining made it to no.7 and, in 2013, it came in at no.3.


#8. Feast

Feast: The Chefs Issue

A well-plated position in our #MagLoveTop10 list! Read more here.

This is Feast’s first appearance on this list.

#7. Time Out New York, 28 October 2015

Time Out New York, 28 October 2015

Cover lines delicious enough to eat! Read more here.

This is Time Out New York’s first appearance on this list.


#6. Martha Stewart Living, July/August 2015

Martha Steward Living, July/August 2015

The wonderful, yet mainly boring, mielie in a way I’ve never seen before, yet I hope the bacon-and-fresh-herb twist catches on here in South Africa, too!

This is Martha Stewart Living’s first appearance on this list.


#5. Crumbs (various)

On our #MagLoveTop10 list once again is the wonderfully quirky Crumbs! On the one cover, it’s ravishing, red, raspberry ridiculousness and, on the other, proper attitude from a mean-looking…piece of toast! Brilliant! Read more here.

In 2014, Crumbs made it to no. 5 as well.


#4. Menu, February 2015

Menu, February 2015

Some will possibly say that the cover is over-styled, but it’s undebatable that the cover is “fresh”, “cool” and has tons of “zest”…

This is Menu’s first appearance on this list.


#3. Oklahoma Today, May/June 2015

Oklahoma Today, May/June 2015

The trend of coverlines and magazine logos being part of the background continues, in this case serving up a most mouth-watering design! Read more here.

This is Oklahoma Today’s first appearance on this list.


#2. Cuisine, July 2015

Cuisine, July 2015

Definitely a cover so good that you want to unwrap and devour it, block by block, page by page! Read more here.

In 2013, Cuisine made it to #1 on this list.


#1. Foodism (various)

Hot and cool, the simple brilliance of these ‘desserve’ the no. 1 spot! Read more here and here.

This is Foodism’s first appearance on this list.


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