by MediaSlut (@MediaSlut) Just as with food, covers for foodie magazines may be off-beat, arty and/or just plain smart. This week, we conclude our #MagLoveTop10 series by looking at the Best Food Covers of 2014, both local and international.

Our #MagLoveTop10 magazine cover series include:

10. Esquire (Philippines), July 2014

Esquire Philippines, July 2014For its Food and Drink issue, Esquire Philippines took a bold and risky move by turning the tables and still staying fashionable while looking like a pig (and having one on your head…).

9. MAD, October 2014

MAD, October 2014A firm childhood favourite of mine, MAD still knows how to surprise and delight! Its fictional mascot, Alfred E. Neuman — and his infamous gap — puts a delightful spin on this cover (and watermelon).

8. Los Angeles, November 2014

Los Angeles, November 2014: MushroomsLos Angeles, November 2014: PomegranateLos Angeles, November 2014: Bread
For its “Food Lovers Guide” issue, Los Angeles created a three-way-split cover which I find beautifully styled and executed, and just so striking, especially when all three are placed next to each other.

I may not necessarily like all the food items on the cover but, as a collection, I think it’s great.

7. Food & Home (various)

Food & Home Entertaining, August 2014Food & Home, January 2014
Food & Home Entertaining magazine has really had a great transformation since its relaunch in 2013, and it keeps going from strength to strength. With its January and August 2014 covers, it illustrates its renewed creativity perfectly.

6. Lucky Peach, Spring 2014

Lucky Peach #11 2014A fun, creative twist to an “all you can eat” buffet, and, of course, in true Lucky Peach style.

5. Crumbs (various)

Crumbs, August 2014Crumbs, July 2014Crumbs, February 2014
Crumbs just has that special touch to make even the simplest item look absolutely delicious, whether it’s a melting scoop of ice cream, or even three simple blueberries! Definitely not your normal type of food styling, but still amazing.

4. Woolworths TASTE (various)

Woolworths TASTE, June 2014Woolworths TASTE, May 2014Woolworths TASTE, March 2014
Woolworths TASTE’s covers are amazingly styled and photographed, month after month! But, as an added bonus, its main cover lines are also constantly setting the tone for what to expect of the issue!

Cafélicious, Lip-lickingly lekker and Buon Appetito, married with the delicious cover images, are just three examples.

3. The New York Times, 12 October 2014

The New York Times, 12 October 2014So simple and striking, getting the (foodie) message across loud and clear, big and beautiful.

2. Fricote, Issue 14

Fricote #14 2014We’ve been spotting amazing paper art sculptures on covers for a while (remember British Airways High Life’s amazing lion cover?!), but this food-inspired paper sculpture is just too freaking funky and fab!

1. Orlando, February 2014

Orlando, February 2014The best food cover for 2014 comes from quite an unsuspecting source: Orlando, The City’s Magazine.

This “Chocholate Unwrapped” cover is an absolute winner when you look at the thought and planning that went into it, and the amazing detail! The perfect dessert-cover to end off the food-feast in this Top 10 list!

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