MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best South African magazine covers this week:

  • Getaway
  • Go!
  • VISI


DESTINY, December 2015

Destiny, December 2015: Nompendulo Mkhatshwa aka UloSome hate it. Some love it. And some have even stated “it’s the cover of the year”! We have to give DESTINY’s team kudos for turning around this brilliant cover story so quickly, as it’s still extremely relevant, and even though it’s causing a lot debate, that’s partly what makes a great cover. It fits in perfectly with DESTINY’s modus operandi of featuring leaders on its covers, and Wits SRC leader, Nompendulo Mkhatshwa, is definitely a leader and a half!

Here’s what some people have tweeted, as reported by News24:


Getaway, December 2015

Getaway, December 2015Just like the Wanderlust cover which I featured a few weeks back, this cover exudes a certain calm, even though my dad wouldn’t like me to sit right there as “it’s too dangerous”. There is so much amazing beauty out there, and this one of those covers that inspires me to go and explore.


Go!, December 2015

Go!, December 2015Staying with travel, the latest Go! cover really caught my eye! My gut tells me that this is an issue that will swim fly off the shelves! Dammit, can’t it be December holidays yet!?



SARIE SKITTER, 2016: Jade Hubner GRAZIA SHINE, 2016: Zoe Brown

TRUE LOVE SHINE, 2016: Bonnie MbuliFAIRLADY SHINE, 2016: Leigh-Anne Williams
You might not be familiar with SHINE and SKITTER, but it’s an annual “glossy showcase of the World’s finest gems, jewellery designs and watches”. And the reason that you might not have seen it before is because it’s a title that is bagged with the December editions of FAIRLADY, True Love, SARIE and Grazia.

This year, they’ve outdone themselves, with four beautiful split-covers that are not only shot and produced beautifully but also cleverly targeted at the different markets of each of these titles through the use of popular personalities such as Zoe Brown (Expresso), Leigh-Anne Williams (Expresso), Jade Hubner (Top Billing) and Bonnie Mbuli (Afternoon Express).



VISI 81I got chills when I saw this cover for the first time, as it shows off the magnificence of African beauty (from culture to landscape) and true design beauty! Dook, the photographer, and VISI have outdone themselves here, ticking absolutely all the right boxes for me, especially with regards to symetry and colour.

An extra little element I just have to point out for those whom will be buying this issue, which will be on-shelf from next week: you’ll notice there’s a gel-effect to make the VISI-logo pop more, but a further hidden surprise is that this gel-effect has also been used on the binocular lenses to make them look as if they’re reflecting/shining! LOVE!


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