by MediaSlut (@MediaSlut) While compiling this “#MagLoveTop10: Sexiest Magazine Covers of 2013″ column, I have once again realised that the term “sexy” differs from person to person, and there are dozens of different opinions surrounding what makes a cover (or a person) sexy. We hope that in this selection there will be at least one cover that will tickle your fancy…

This is the final part of our #MagLoveTop10 magazine cover series, which has also included:

10. ELLE UK, April 2013

ELLE UK, April 2013

Rihanna seems like bit of a mess these days. In this cover, it feels as if the ‘real’ Rihanna shines through. It’s beautiful and sexy, not overly made up or dressed up, with just the right amount of side-boob and sexy tattoos…

9. Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, December 2013

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, December 2013

Even 37 years after his death, it seems as if Elvis Presley can still be dreamy (and sexy!) on a magazine cover. I’m sure there are still hundred of thousands of Elvis fans who wish he was still around so that he could ask them this exact question…

8. Men’s Health South Africa, February 2013

 Men’s Health South Africa, February 2013

For its “Sex and Seduction” issue, Men’s Health South Africa paired the sexy Marcel Snyman and Lisam together on its cover… with hot chemistry, and even hotter pictures!

7. Wonderland, September/October 2013

 Wonderland, September/October 2013

Fresh out of the shower …  actor Kit Harington (better known and perved about as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones).

6. My Tyd (Rapport), 17 November 2013

 My Tyd (Rapport), 17 November 2013

Ask any Afrikaans teenage girl (or her mother!) if she would go on a date with singer Bobby van Jaarsveld, and they both would give a massive “Ja, ja, ja!” It’s even more evident why after Bobby took his shirt off for this very cool shoot with My Tyd.

Should Bobby put his shirt back on? “Nee, nee, nee!”

5. GQ Italy, October 2013

 GQ Italy, October 2013

Miley Cyrus knows how to market herself and get people talking about her. It’s clear to say that 2013 was her year! Well, she, that foam finger, that latex costume and that wrecking ball…

Italy GQ moves the conversation to her super sexy body, and those little ‘dimples’…

4. L’Officiel Hommes, Fall 2013

L’Officiel Hommes, Fall 2013

Fall 2013 had never looked so good, and will probably never look better… So many clothing items just ‘FALLing off’, as well!

The typography, design and colour usage are also hot, but this final cover is just the end of me… 

3. PLAYBOY USA, January/February 2014 (published in 2013)

PLAYBOY USA, January/February 2014 (published in 2013)

In celebration of its 60th anniversay, Playboy photographed the ever-beautiful and always-sexy Kate Moss in the iconic Playboy Bunny-outfit. Not overly seductive or revealing (as Playboy covers usually go), but very classy, with about 60 pinches of subtle-sexy. 

2. Zeit Magazin, 19 December 2013

Zeit Magazin, 19 December 2013

A good make-out session is a sign of great things to come…

Some might not agree that this cover of Zeit Magazin deserves the no. 2 spot, but the fun and ‘in the moment’ moment captured on the two covers, even with hair pulling moments, is what a truly great kiss is all about. It’s raw, it’s rough, and oh-so-sexy!

1. ESPN, August 2013
ESPN, August 2013
ESPN, August 2013
ESPN, August 2013
It goes without saying that sports personalities have some of the best bodies out there. But it’s not everyday that we get to perv them all in the name of ‘art’ (and ESPN’s annual Body Issue)! It published loads of covers with sports stars at their sexiest; even 77-year-old Gary Player made a cover in the buff (way sexy at 77, Gary)!

But only the sexiest of the sexiest ESPN covers can make this list, and as a combined effort, and because of their athletic beauty, they come in at my no. 1 spot! S.E.X.Y. GALORE!

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