If only Cell C had hired Alex Hunter…


For online interaction with consumers to be successful, brands are required to undertake a transparent, truthful and open approach to communication. “You need to keep it real,” says Alex Hunter, independent brand consultant and a speaker at the Tech4Africa* conference recently held in Johannesburg, 12-13 August 2010.

If this sounds like common sense, it’s because it is. And if you are wondering why it needs repeating, look no further than the controversial marketing campaign from Cell C, during which the company duped online users with a YouTube video of comedian Trevor Noah bashing mobile companies and Cell-C’s subsequent ‘response’ in full page newspaper ads promising to address consumer issues.

It later turned out to have all been set up to announce the appointment of Noah as Cell-C’s ‘chief experience officer’ (opening the way for quips on what a joke Cell-C’s customer service actually is). “This just validates my point,” says Hunter, on hearing about the angry response from consumers on getting effectively getting punk’d by Cell C.

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Published by Herman Manson

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