TopTV launches in SA


On Digital Media (ODM) has finally announced details of its multi-channel television brand  TopTV. It offers the first real alternative to the DSTv monopoly. The service will see a staggered roll-out from May 2010 with pricing options ranging from R99 to R249 per month. It will be targeted at customers in LSM5-8.

The offering will include:

Religious Christian Channels

  • Top Gospel

Top Gospel is a Christian lifestyle channel with talk shows, Christian music videos as well as faith based movies.

  • God TV

GOD TV is a global media ministry founded by South African couple, Rory & Wendy Alec.

  • Christian Channel

ODM is still finalizing negotiations on a Christian Channel, which shall be named in due course.

  • Inspiration

Inspiration TV has become the fastest growing international Christian network in the world.

Movie Channels (excludes ‘Premium Channels’)

  • Zee Cinema

Zee Cinema brings Bollywood movies to our TV screens.

  • Hi Nolly

Hi Nolly features some of the best movies and entertainment from the Nigerian market.

  • MGM

MGM is a 24 hour movie channel offering the best from Hollywood’s famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library.

News Channels

  • BBC World (also available on DStv)

Breaking news from the BBC.

  • Fox News

Fox News – a right wing take on news from the United States.


MSNBC – the liberal alternative to FOX News

  • Al Jazeera (also available on DStv)

Al Jazeera English is the world’s first English language news and current affairs channel with headquarters in the Middle East.

  • France24

France 24 covers international current events with a French perspective.

  • Current TV

Current TV features happenings and current affairs, particularly from a youth perspective.

Sport Channels (excludes ‘Premium Channels’)

  • Setanta Africa

Setanta Africa is a 24-hour sports channel which focuses on the ‘beautiful game’. The sports channel covers Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Tottenham in its weekly line up, as well as SPL, Russian and Dutch leagues.

  • Eurosport News

With news bulletins updated every 30 minutes, Eurosport News gives you the very latest from the world of sports and business.

  • Fuel

FUEL TV is a 24/7 extreme sports channel featuring base-jumping, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX and other death-defying sports.

Entertainment Channels (excludes ‘Premium Channels’)

  • Top One

Top One is a 24-hour general entertainment channel, bringing drama series, children’s shows, movies and  South African classics.

  • Fox Entertainment

Fox Entertainment is dedicated to the best television series, including The Simpsons, Family Guy, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Boston Legal.

  • Fox Retro

Fox Retro is an entertainment channel dedicated to the most popular series that defined the 70s, 80s and 90s, which helped shape the pop culture and trends of today.

  • SABC 1


  • SABC 2


  • SABC 3


  • E-TV


  • Educational Channel

ODM is finalizing discussions for the supply of an educational channel customized for the South African market. An announcement will be made when talks are concluded.

  • BET

Black Entertainment Television’ features the very best from African-American entertainers with series, talk-shows, sitcoms and interviews.

  • RTPi

RTPi is a general entertainment channel targeting Portuguese speaking communities worldwide.

Lifestyle Channels

  • Star

Star! Is an entertainment channel covering the glitz and glamour of Tinsel Town. Keep up to date with the latest in movies, celebrities, fashion, awards and Hollywood news on Star!

  • Fashion TV

Fashion TV (FTV) provides glamorous entertainment with emphasis on the latest trends, up and coming models, events, news and glamour.

  • Fine Living Network

FLN is TV’s fun lifestyle network with a fresh lineup of new relationship, wedding, cocktail and competition shows
Kids and Music Channels

  • Top Junior

Top Junior provides high quality and creative entertainment for children and the entire family in a highly imaginative, safe and accessible way. Popular shows to look forward to include Maya the Bee, Bumba, Tabaluga and Heidi.

  • Jim Jam

JimJam is a TV channel dedicated to pre-school children aged between 1 – 6 years and their parents.

  • Baby TV

Baby TV is the world’s first round-the-clock commercial-free channel for growing infants and toddlers, and their parents.

  • Kidsco

Signature shows include The Wiggles, Sonic the Hedgehog, Inspector Gadget, Sabrina, Dennis the Menace, New Adventures of Madeline and many more.

  • Afro Music

Afro Music is a 24 hour music channel featuring an eclectic mix of artists from across Africa.

  • Nigezie

Nigezie Is a brand new music and lifestyle channel with the main focus being on Nigerian artists, music videos, fashion and entertainment.

  • Kiss

Kiss is a 24 hour music channel with a focus on urban and hip-hop music.

  • Kerrang

Kerrang! TV is a 24 hour music channel consisting of hard rock music videos. The channel features themed countdowns like ‘Moshing Anthems’, ‘A-Z of Punk’, ‘Today’s 10 Most Rockin’’ and ‘Metal: 87-07’.

  • Qtv

Qtv is a 24 hour music channel featuring indie bands and music.

  • Magic

Magic TV features easy listening music videos from the 80s and 90s, with a large portion of daytime viewing dedicated to ‘Today’s Magic Hits’.

  • Smash Hits

Smash Hits is a music channel dedicated to popular hits from artists like Madonna, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

  • C Music

C Music provides viewers with the world’s finest classical, crossover, cinematic and chill-out music videos 24 hours a day.

  • Classica

Classica is a premium television channel devoted to classical music, opera, ballet and jazz as well as documentaries and interviews.

  • Music Choice (audio service)

Music Choice is a 24 hour channel audio service featuring music of different genres. From hip-hop and R&B, to classic rock and soul, there’s music for every mood, occasion and age


  • Natura

Natura is a 24 hour high quality documentary channel featuring documentaries from the world’s best directors and producers.

  • Top History

Top History is a 24 hour channel that offers the most memorable moments in history, with programming which includes South Africa and Africa.

  • Discovery ID

Investigation Discovery (ID) is the brand new channel from Discovery featuring the stories behind crime forensics and criminal investigations.

  • Discovery Travel & Living

Discovery Travel & Living explores the most fascinating and inspiring places on earth. The channel takes viewers to exotic and far-flung destinations.

  • Discovery Science

Discovery Science is a documentary channel focusing on programmes dealing with scientific and technological issues

  • Top Crime

Top Crime is a 24 hour entertainment channel with a focus on crime drama and suspense programmes.

  • Top Explore

Top Explore is a 24 hour channel which allows viewers the opportunity to explore the secrets and wonders of the world. Featuring strong stories, interesting people and high quality visuals.

Premium Channels

  • Silver

Silver is a 24 hour movie channel with movies sourced from independent suppliers in the US, Europe and other parts of the world.

  • Showtime

Showtime is as 24 hour action channel with blockbuster titles covering action, horror and sci-fi.

  • Fox FX

Fox FX is quality television for men. With a mix of quality, character-driven and often unconventional drama and comedy, it has a strong resonance with male audiences.

  • Top Movies

Top Movies is one of Top TV’s flagship channels. A 24 hour premium movie channel with recently released blockbuster titles and other award-winning movies.

  • Top Movies 2

Top Movies 2 is Top Movies time shifted by 2 hours. If you miss your favourite movie catch it 2 hours later on Top Movies 2.

  • Top Movies 24

Top Movies 24 is time shifted by 24 hours. The channel gives the viewer the opportunity to catch up on Top Movies from the previous day.

  • Top Sport

Top Sport is a premium sports channel featuring sports preferred by SA audiences. It will bring South Africans the best of local and international sport as well as the latest sporting news


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40 replies on “TopTV launches in SA”

  1. How about adding the Sci-Fi channel. It has great series. Like Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Paranormal, Supernatural etc. For people with an overactive imagination..

  2. Where and when is the Toptv going to advertise vacant posts, if there are?

  3. Concerned South African:
    I would like to see Fox News publishing more often, more reality events in South Africa.
    From June to July 2010, thousands of journalists of various news crews, as well as independant individuals, are expected in South Africa.
    It is said that Mr Sepp Blatter (president of Fifa) has warned journalists not to publish “negative” reports on South Africa. “Those who do that, will loose their licences”.
    But, how will the world know about the truth if nobody is allowed to tell the truth?
    In 1990 South Africa was a First World Country, today it is heading the same path as Zimbabwe.
    If I am wrong, why then the following:
    South Africa is the world’s capital of crime; has the 2nd highest number of MIV/Aids patients; has the highest number of road accidents; hundreds of people who die of hunger every day, while it was Africa’s food basket in 1965; about 50% of all people (white, black, brown and yellow) are poor; in 1965, very few people were unemployed, today about 30% of all people have no permanent jobs; the country has lost thousands of engineers, and in Limpopo province there is no one single engineer; etc.
    Why is the decay in our beloved country so high?
    In 1965 S.A.’s road system was under the best in the world, why is it now that almost no road is without potholes? Why does the word MAINTAINANCE not exist in the new South Africa?
    There are still thousands of unanswered questions to be be asked, but here is not space enough to put it to you.

  4. i hope top tv will be good to us unlike dstv paying R529 per month its not good so please tell us how much will it cost to get the dish and installation im really excited dstv move over

  5. i’m so excited we are tired of Multichoice ripping us, paying R529 every month is just too much! paying for plus 20 channes i dont watch unfair! welcome toptv bye bye dstv!

  6. I think having an alternative to DSTV (#%$@) is great especially with the option of choosing your own channels.

    A couple of Q’s and comments tho,
    1. where are the package info to be found, supposedly 7 different packages?
    2. where can we find info on the actual decoders?
    3. What about sport channels, more specifically Formula One (I am a Nut – believe it or not, this is the sole reason I sub to DSTV. The alternative to dstv that can get me this – affordably tho – will have my bis for life!!)
    4. What about the choice factor, will we have the outright choice to choose what we want?? – I don’t mind paying a slight premium (say 150) for 20 channels I WANT, rather than the hogwash forced down our throats Limitedchoice (read Multichoice!)

    1. Judging by the distinct lack of info, I sincerely hope we will be pleasantly surprised.
    2. Speaking as an Indian I also sincerely hope that there will be a real attempt to include some of our option in the “bouquets” and/or the option to choose it at a reasonable price. (This is a direct DIG at crapchoice for making channels such as Zee etc separate whereas lesser minorities (no disrespect) have their content provided for free in the “premium” bouquet – point being what’s good for one….)
    3. And for F&^%’s sake – PLEASE NO AUTOMATED HELPLINES – they automatically lead me to pull my friggin hair out!! :-)

  7. Toptv has some awesome channels but i think we can do with some more series channels along with sport channels such as SPEED(one of the most popular channels in the US). It covers all the best motorsports in the world and would be great for all the racing enthusiasts in SA. So i hope Toptv could give us some more options.

    Future client
    Looking forward to the development of TOPtv.

  8. I would like to know if the sport channels are going to cover any live Rugby games on a international level, like Super 14 games,Springbok tests and tours as wel as curry cup games.Couse it,s the only reason i,m joined to DStv at a Redicilous amount monthly, so i look foward to put my dstv decoder under my car tyre and @#%& it up for keeps. (serious!!!!!). I am a dstv customer since it started with the Mnet decoder, but i,ve had it. I want to join NOW just give me a good answer on my top question pleas!!!.

  9. I’m with Wally all the way…do I need to purchase a new decoder or can it still be used. If not…what will the cost be for a new decoder and where do we get this decoder. Will this also be duel?

  10. Please i wouldnot mind to remove the whole DSTV installation in my house and install TOPTV, i think TOPTV is cheaper compared to DSTV , 529 is realy killing, us please come TOPTV lets see what you got.


  11. Will the HD PVR and the Duel View PVR decoders by DSTV be usable on your system or only yours.
    Please advise as this is a very crucial question in considering change over to your system.
    Best of luck.


  13. thank you in advance for bringing choice to the failer dstv.don’t dissappoint me please.i will be joining you soon can’t wait.


  15. I have just two wishes especially on Discovery & they are:
    1/ The price is & stays very competitive
    2/ Discovery & now other stations PLEASE DON’T have repeated LONG adverts, I was a firm supporter of DsTV but am SICK to the back teeth of the bloody adverts, every 10 minutes for 5 minutes or so it seems.

    I will change next week if my wishes are fulfilled & if they are not then I’ll ask again & again!

  16. Guys I love sport how many chanells for sport? Im tired of Multichoice I want to join you Top TV and where can i get your decorder

  17. Top Tv

    Guys heres my first complaint to TopTV. After 20 messages to your call centre and 20 e-mails, even to Publicity Manager, Malinda Connor. I have had no response so can’t even aquire the service in order for me to build up a legitamate service complaint.

    That is a woderfull start or should I say thought as nothing has started for me.

    To the 50 000, how is the service treating you, give us a headsup here – Thanks

  18. i bought my decoder a month ago did what they asked to sms all your details to them. until now im still waiting for someone to come and phone me and to connect the dish and decoder. 24h is long gone

  19. I am Kelebogile Masiane a 14 year old girl from Rustenbug and i would love to be a presenter on one of the kids shows.Please hear my request.I am a fast learner and i would do everything it takes to make you all be comfortable working with me.i have got some really great ideas of what toptv can be,i want to bring good entertainment for the kids who whatch it and love it.please contact me at 0733758138 or 0836218319


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