London is great ‘cept our burgers are better


The latest TV ad for Steers by King James Joburg features two friends Skyping . “The idea came to us when we were discussing how we all have those annoying friends overseas always rubbing it in about how great it is over there,” adds Mike Wilson, creative director. “But they all, to a man, really miss great SA products like Mrs Balls, Marmite, Pro Nutro, biltong and, of course, our amazing Steers burgers.”

Creative Directors: Greg Cameron and Mike Wilson


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One reply on “London is great ‘cept our burgers are better”

  1. Mrs Balls can be found at most UK supermarkets and Marmite is a British product so not sure how safas can miss that.Also Pro Nutro and biltong can be found at 100’s of South African shops across the UK, but yes you cant find Steers but you can find Burger King :) (yes I’m an Englishman)

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