Global brands seek value in staff-on-demand platform M4JAM

by Herman Manson. What value would a brand or marketing find in a staff-on-demand platform, you may ask? M4JAM offers access to thousands of consumers able and willing to provide real-time market research, mystery shopping and even product training.

Waytag — the location service that solves real-world business problems

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Waytag aims to solve several modern business problems in one go. For businesses set up in a bricks-and-mortar environment (that would be shops and offices), moving from one premises to another remains a major headache. If you move shop, will waytagyour customers be able to find you? Will they climb onto Google to find you, then onto your website, then navigate to your contact page with your location information, just to climb back onto Google maps to find your new store? Didn’t think so.

Waytag offers a location tag linked to a person, business, object, place or event. You update your Waytag, and clients will be able to find you on a mobile- or PC-friendly map.

It also offers a solution to those mobile warriors setting up office in coffee shop after coffee shop. Clients can now find you wherever your coffee urges take you, if they have permission from you to do so. Since Waytags are owner-managed the location is precise (well, accurate to one metre), much more so than, for example, Google Maps.

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