Talk Africa: Kenya on-air

by Remon Geyser (@remongeyser) Radio is buzzing its way through the airwaves in Kenya, and making a big impact upon the consumers who tune in to listen to the latest news and freshest hits from around the country. We chatted with a few of our Kenyan creatives to get a better feel for the Kenyan radio landscape.

Talk Africa: Kenya going digital

by Remon Geyser (@remongeyser) Kenya is undergoing some interesting changes and we’ve picked up two important shifts impacting consumers and the brand communications industry. The one is the move from analogue to digital in TV, and the other encompasses the rise of digital agencies.

Talk Africa: Understanding the Ghanaian market through the lens of soccer

by Remon Geyser (@remongeyser) In an exciting country where infrastructure is booming, the economy of Ghana is growing fast and the people are embracing a new age of online socialism. However, it’s time for brands to step up to the plate and synchronise their communication to better unify the Ghanaian football warcry

Talk Africa: Reaching commuters in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya

by Remon Geyser (@remongeyser) How may brands target the millions of commuters relying on public transportation in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya? We reached out to our creative network across several African countries to dive deeper into some of the trends and technologies.

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