by MarkLives (@marklives) This time we feature insight into the brief, creative idea, production challenges and results of the The Unclean Catalogue campaign for from Digitas Liquorice Durban, which launched in May 2019.

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Client:, Unilever
Ad agency: Digitas Liquorice Durban
Title: The Unclean Catalogue

Information supplied by Digital Liquorice.


The aim was to create a brand-awareness campaign that would be compelling and surprising enough for consumers to engage with the digital platform — a challenge to establish and entrench this category-breaker by ‘intriguing’ consumers into discovering the unique proposition of being “Your home for expert cleaning tips”.


The launch of in South Africa took place October–December 2018, followed by the launch of The Unclean Catalogue in May 2019.

Creative summary

To celebrate’s launch in South Africa, we created a huge mess to see just how useful the new website tips would be. The gigantic mess (captured on a series of web videos) resulted in the creation of The Unclean Catalogue.

The video series included a mud bath of dogs unleashed on a freshly made bed, five blenders on full blast — pink, yellow, purple, blue, white, green smoothies — without their lids on, and a colour festival kids’ fight in the lounge.

After we created the messy scenes, all the filthy furnishing, dirty décor and grubby appliances were on offer for the public. The catch? All of the items were completely dirty. We further demonstrated the real-life power of by delivering the items to the winners completed clean, as if the mess had never happened.

“The idea that could help you clean almost anything was the challenge we were excited to explore. We created the biggest mess imaginable and shot the luxury items to create a surprising twist on the familiar décor catalogue,” explains Brian Carter, Digitas Liquorice executive creative director.

Social-media animated content, including online videos on YouTube, and programmatic banners were created to drive consumers to the website to browse the catalogue, and enter to stand a chance to win.


  • We created three ± 30 seconds YouTube videos, including a YouTube masthead
  • A journey of programmatic banners promoting consumers to visit
  • Variations of 5s and 10s video assets were created to test audience engagement and response to different creative visuals
  • Social media was chosen as the main form of engagement to increase campaign visibility and engaged communities
  • A website housed multiple “how-to” videos which showcased Cleanipedia’s expertise in cleaning tips, tricks and hacks
  • 24-page printed catalogues hand delivered to eight micro-influencers

A thorough pre-production was conducted to ensure lighting, cast, wardrobe, props, aspect ratios, scenes were pretested and approved before shooting commenced. An epic two-day shoot, with three distinct scenes, was filmed at Panalux studio.

Creation, post-production and editing of 30s, 10s, 5s videos and social content was done.

Content was amplified to ensure our message was reached by our total target audience through multiple digital channels.


  • Total website page views: 53 388
  • Total Facebook reach: 6 807 523
  • Total Facebook video views: 592 350
  • Total Facebook engagements: 346 821
  • Total YouTube video views: 1 556 588


Brand, Unilever

Ad agency

Digitas Liquorice Durban
Account manager: Cindy Liu
Art direction: Debbie Turner
Agency producer: Tamlyn van der Horst
Executive creative director: Brian Carter
Creative director: Justin Osburn
Designer: Annika Coskey

Production & post-production

Animation company: New Creation Collective
Animator: Riaan Myburgh
Cinematography: Kirk Morgan
Editor: Colleen Knox
Director: Paul Speirs
Producer: Amy Knight
Recording studio: Field Sound
Sound designer: Nicholas van Reenen
VFX operator: Riaan Myburgh
Writer: Justin Osburn


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