by MarkLives (@marklives) The Association for Communication and Advertising has released a statement announcing that its chief executive officer, Odette van der Haar, has handed in her resignation from the organisation after 11 years in service.

Van der Haar will remain in office until the end of June 2018 and the board will, in due course, announce the official search for a new CEO. She will be joining J. Walter Thompson,* also as CEO.

Thankful for the opportunity

“This has been a high-energy, fast-moving and a great challenge for anyone who thrives on pushing themselves further,” says Van der Haar. “It has been an exhilarating and a dynamic journey which has helped me grow as a person and as a leader. Looking back on my time at the ACA fills me with pride and I’m extremely thankful for having had the opportunity to lead this incredible organisation.”

Van der Haar has driven a number of initiatives at the ACA, including adoption of the MAC Charter and improving the credibility of the APEX Awards. She also promoted the industry code of conduct and professional culture, as well as rules for governing tenders and pitches. However, in a recent editorial, MarkLives called for greater engagement and transparency at the ACA while acknowledging the uniquely powerful position Van der Haar held in the industry.

“Legacy of organisational distinction”

“While the ACA board expresses its sadness at the impending departure of the CEO, the industry is assured of the continuation of the industry guidance and service excellence that she established together with the board over the years. She leaves a legacy of organisational distinction and Odette has distinguished herself as an excellent and ethical leader, a symbol of professionalism within the organisation and the industry as a whole,” says Boniswa Pezisa, ACA board chair.

“We will be engaging all stakeholders over the coming days and weeks, and assure all of a smooth and transparent transition of leadership. We wish Odette well in her new role, and look forward to her continued effective contribution to the industry, both as the CEO of a global agency, and through one or more of the ACA committees,” she adds.

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Updated on 2018/05/04 at 3:50pm.

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