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  • Liquorish Ink launches Trend Tracker
  • Shoprite’s trucking heroes
  • ROAD research positions OOH

African insights

Strategy and media consultancy, Liquorish Ink, has launched a trends division called Trend Tracker to identify and provide local trends that are relevant in the African context.

Knowing what trends affect your industry may provide vital insights into formulating a strategy that will propel you towards opportunities and steer you away from negative and wasteful initiatives, but trend data is only as useful as it is relevant to your industry and audience. Says Leigh-Anne Acquisito, Liquorish Ink CEO, “The reality is that brands need local, bespoke trend data to help them focus on strategically navigating current and new business environments so that they can build better, more-resilient, and more-sustainable brand relationships with their clients and the environments within which they operate.”

Trend Tracker focuses on identifying key trends from across the African continent and delivering insights to help companies redefine the markets they operate in, embrace new ideas, and grow: “Teams operating in Kenya, as well as South Africa, diligently track trends and create reports around the specific needs of their clients, allowing companies and brands to examine the implications of their strategic choices, create new experiences, and open doors to opportunity for themselves.”

Liquorish Ink has created a variety of reports on local industries, including communications and technology, consumer and retail, fashion and beauty, and food and fragrance. These may be downloaded free of charge.

Looking to the consumer and retail industry in South Africa, Trend Tracker reports indicate that, in 2018, given the increased access to information, especially through the rise in popularity of the smartphone, consumers can easily verify how brands behave externally and internally, how their products are sourced and made, and how they treat their employees. That’s why it is important for brands to genuinely meet customers’ expectations of transparency and honesty brands in order to reap significant rewards.


Fleeting heroes

Africa’s largest retailer, the Shoprite Group, is celebrating real heroes making a real difference in their communities by showcasing their stories on its truck fleet that traverses the length and breadth of South Africa.

Shoprite Act For Change Mama MickeyWorking alongside communications agency, Ninety9c (99c), the Shoprite Group’s delivery trucks are getting facelifts. The first features the image of Mickey Linda, a pensioner from Khayelitsha who feeds 250 people daily. Mamma Mickey, as she is known, opened her soup kitchen in 2009. On her first day, she fed 40 people using only her monthly government grant but more hungry people came to her for help and she struggled to provide for everyone. In 2015, Shoprite heard about her and, as part of its commitment to fight hunger sustainably, the retailer established a food garden on her premises. Today, she uses the vegetables grown in this garden to cook daily nutritional meals.

Says Linda, “Working with Shoprite is a blessing because I can now feed 250 people. It’s an honour to be part of their mission to #ActForChange in communities.”

The primary function of these is to deliver fresh produce at the lowest prices but they are also moving billboards that share the stories of the heroes with whom Shoprite partners to act for change. The partnerships provide effective and sustainable solutions to short-, medium- and long-term food scarcity needs across Africa; empower women; develop skills through training and R20m in bursaries; and create change in communities.


Taking a ROAD trip

By making use of satellite data, as used by the likes of Google and Facebook, for delivering big data, the Out Of Home Measurement Council (OMC) has implemented one of the largest travel surveys in market — ROAD — revealing deeper insights of geographical audiences and an improved understanding of how to reach audience sets.

OMCSA Roadside Outdoor Audience DataThe methodology includes combining traffic flows, visibility, big data, satellite imagery, and consumer travel patterns to create a comprehensive traffic model which, when further combined with the location of media owner billboard panels, creates a more-accurate representation of out-of-home (OOH) audiences.

Findings reveal that OOH offers a total reach of 89% in Gauteng, followed closely by the other provinces. The main driver of trips is shopping at 81% followed by visiting friends at 43%. On weekends, 61% of women go to the shops but what’s even more interesting is that men aren’t far off at 59%.

Other interesting facts the data revealed are that, on average, people spend 58 minutes travelling to and from work, with the Western Cape worse affected by traffic, spending an average of 77 minutes; 37% of them use their own cars and 47% use minibus taxis.

Says Howard Lonstein, Outdoor Network marketing manager, “ROAD demonstrates how OOH enhances and compliments other media channels, in particular mobile, digital and TV, by positively influencing elements, such as reach and frequency, impacting top-of-mind messaging, which in turn influences [the] role OOH plays in the media mix and the level of spend allocated to OOH.”


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