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  • OFYT makes a Prudential investment
  • Prima Toys gets behind the rhino with Wildlife ACT
  • Clarion Retail animates in-store

Growing consistency

Creative agency OFYT was briefed by client to find a true-life story that demonstrated the power of long-term consistency. The result is the latest Prudential Investment Managers TVC, using a powerful true story to eloquently underscore its philosophy.

The commercial, which was filmed on Mājuli island, North-East India, and directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Asif Kapadia, tells the story of Jadav Payeng. Since 1979, he has single-handedly planted over 1400 acres of trees to save his home from being washed away by the Brahmaputra River. Payeng continues to plant every day and is now known as The Forest Man of India.

Says Sumayya Davenhill, Prudential Investment Managers head of marketing, “Jadav’s mission to save his Indian island home of Mājuli, while facing harsh elements and with limited resources, demonstrates the power of how small consistent increments of behaviour can add up, over time, in the end, to something extraordinary.”

Payeng’s consistent focus on reaching his desired outcome dovetails with Prudential’s goal to build wealth for its clients. “The similarities between Jadav’s story and Prudential are quite remarkable. Thirty-eight years of commitment has seen Jadav save his land from the mighty Brahmaputra and, in turn, grow the most magnificent forest that I have ever seen. At Prudential, short-term conditions don’t matter to us; we ignore the daily bad news and the ups and downs of the market. Instead. we focus on using the same successful investment process to ensure that with time our clients achieve their goals.”

The power of one individual, acting consistently, may be huge. A group of people acting consistently may change the world: “No matter how much you invest, and what day-to-day challenges you feel, Prudential Investment Managers believe that consistency is the only currency that matters.”

OFYT’s national creative director, Chris Gotz, “Sometimes we get the chance to tell really incredible stories. When those stories line up so beautifully with a client’s philosophy, you can make magic. Jadav’s story is the ultimate expression of one person acting consistently to achieve extraordinary results.”

The TVC will be followed by a radio campaign flighting in South Africa and Namibia, and will be supported with a digital, social and trade print campaign.


Toys for rhinos

Prima Toys and Wildlife ACT have joined forces in support of the rhino, launching a new coin bank range to facilitate the funding of various organisations that care for and feed baby orphaned rhinos until they are old enough to be released back into the wild.

Rhino coin bankIn past years, Prima Toys and Pick n Pay have raised more than R500 000 for Wildlife ACT through their Baby Rhino and Wild Pals soft toy promotions, all funded by consumers who, through their purchase of these soft toys, donate to the cause. This year, Prima Toys has launched 20 000 rhino coin banks via South African toy retailers. These are soft toy rhino ‘piggy banks’, with plastic interiors and removable stoppers to hold cash and coins inside their bellies. For every purchase, Prima donates R10 to Wildlife ACT.

In addition to this funding, any money that a child saves in his or her rhino coin bank may be donated back to Wildlife ACT. Prima Toys will, in turn, donate 10 toy hamper prizes in a lucky draw competition to five boys and five girls who make a donation through the GivenGain website.


In-store animation

Integrated in-store branding specialists, Clarion Retail, has recently launched state-of-the-art LED animated lightboxes in the retail branding space.

This division of The Clarion Group specialises in offering creative in-store print branding solutions, with a focus on industry innovations for the retail sector.

The custom lightbox frame and range of lighting options or LED animations help clients deliver an eye-catching visual brand experience. All frames are flat-packed in kit form with easy assembly instructions, along with electrical conformance and quality certification.

The display system uses aluminium frames, into which textile prints may be easily and quickly installed on-site. Once the lightweight frames have been installed, new prints may easily be interchanged.


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