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  • OMO Auto and Ogilvy & Mather SA shift gender perspective
  • Sneakerness comes to Africa
  • Ogilvy Cape Town’s 40 Minutes for Clorets

Dads do laundry

In line with Unilever’s global commitment of changing the portrayal of gender in advertising and shifting perceptions away from stereotypical roles, OMO Auto washing detergent has launched a new TVC emphasising the product’s efficiency in the hands of a dad.

Conceptualised and executed in conjunction with team Unilever at Ogilvy & Mather South Africa, the lighthearted TV ad shows a boy hard at play around the house — drawing, squeezing ketchup and digging up plants in preparation for his parents’ anniversary. His dad catches sight of him enjoying the dirt, just as he fields a text from mom saying she’ll be back from work in 20 minutes. Dad has enough time to get the clothes in the washing machine and still prepare an anniversary surprise.

Says Henry Muchauraya, Unilever marketing manager — laundry, “In-house research by Unilever revealed that more and more men are doing the laundry every week. Given this insight, it made sense to run a TV ad that shows men handling the laundry for the family, reflecting changes already happening in society. OMO is one of the first brands to leverage this key learning in their advertising, bringing men to the centre of laundry activities and subverting the standard, ‘Moms taking care of family chores’ narrative. The response we are getting tells us that South African women are comfortable seeing men in roles different to the historical norms. In our ad, the black man is a present, engaged father figure ready to step in to handle a quick load of laundry with OMO Auto.”

The #JustAQuickWash campaign includes a social-media rollout and a competition that invites customers to post a video showing fun outdoor activities they can share with their family, now that OMO Auto lets them spend less time on washing.


Sneaking in

International sneaker event, Sneakerness, which has a global following and events that take place in Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Warsaw and Zurich, will be coming to Johannesburg, 16–19 November 2017 — the first time it will be in Africa.

Sneakerness Johannesburg logoMajor international brands and sneaker stores, as well as private sellers and collectors from all over the world, come together to buy, sell and swap footwear and street fashion from classic and real rarities to the newest trends in street culture. Alongside the sneaker vendors, visitors will experience street art, graffiti, music and good food and drinks.

Fan are invited to a sneak peek preview event in October, where a popup event will bring a taster in anticipation of the main event later this year. It will include product launches and merchandise from Sneakerness and Patta. Each night will be open to 100 guests only, and will feature appearances from local DJs.

The main Sneakerness convention in November will offer limited-edition merchandise, plus a series of workshops, launches and talks from the world’s best footwear and streetwear brands. A consumer competition will also see streetwear fans being able to enter for a chance to win a trip to Sneakerness Berlin in 2018.



Better breath

Newly launched Clorets 40 Minutes and Ogilvy Cape Town have created a TVC to illustrate those moments when you need fresh breath to linger a little longer.

Clorets has always been the ‘fresh breath expert’ but it’s new incarnation, Clorets 40 Minutes, which includes Actizol with extra chlorophyll, promises 40 minutes longer-lasting fresh breath. Demonstrating this is the ad that shows young Lubhi meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time and the turn-up is unexpectedly large. Humorous moments unfold as Lubhi works the crowd, but… the commercial leaves viewers hanging, asking fans to help finish the story by voting for their favourite ending on the Clorets Facebook page. The ending that receives the most votes will conclude the Clorets TVC and be revealed on Facebook and YouTube at the end of October 2017.


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