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  • Weylandts 2017 Taste campaign
  • Capitec changes direction with Dan the Director
  • Interactive Comrades map from Bonitas

Timeless taste

Weylandts has launched its new 2017 campaign, building on its in-house agency’s Tastemakers concept. Taste Never Goes Out Of Style aims to cement ‘taste’ as being synonymous with the Weylandts brand.

The campaign is meant to elegantly show how iconic, tasteful items remain stylish today and will always be stylish, landing the line “Taste never goes out of style”. Although implying its own products, the campaign more explicitly pays homage to the iconic tuxedo, little black number, and Jaguar E-Type in the print iteration, and the Triumph Bonneville, bowtie and the look of a sartorial gentleman in the TV version.

According to Tim Culley, head of marketing, the ad has a simple message, told in a visually engaging way with a great music track: “We believe strongly that the growth of the Weylandts brand is down to the level of taste of our directors, buyers and our customers; hence our message has remained consistent since the in-house agency launched. Each year we look for a new way to communicate this ideal, and this year it was to focus on the customer insight that many purchases are made at Weylandts, knowing the product will stay stylish for a long time, staying relevant to you as years go by, and even as you move house.”

The campaign is currently in print, out-of-home and on TV.


Banking on a better life

Capitec Bank has taken a new direction with its just released “Bank Better Live Better” TVC, which moves it away from the simple, functional messages Capitec has become known for to a new approach focusing on building emotional connections.

Says Francois Viviers, executive: marketing and communications at Capitec Bank, “This campaign is a natural progression for us. We realised that what really moves people is not function or logic — it’s emotion. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it — so we needed to communicate this in a campaign that makes the reason why Capitec Bank exists visible to our clients.”

With the growing omnipresence of social media, campaigns need to be as effective online as they are on TV, so a collaboration was created with You Tube sensation Dan the Director (Dan Mace), Red Bull and several proudly South African music artists. Mace has a following of more than 70 000 and a channel with over 2m views; his social-media followership assured his understanding of the space the campaign needed to operate in and its resonance with the bank’s youthful audience.

The TVC was shot in in various locations in Cape Town with production company, Groundglass.


Run it online

Bonitas Medical Fund, a major sponsor of the gruelling Comrades Marathon, has created an interactive map of the 87km route, featuring professional advice on what to expect along the way for the 16 000 local and international runners who tackle it each year.

Being able to pace yourself is crucial on the Comrades route, so Bonitas has created an interactive route map, highlighting 14 of the highs and lows where mind and body need to meet in unison.

Starting with the first hill climb, Tollgate Bridge followed by 45th Cutting, the race takes in the Big 5 — Cowies Hill, Fields Hill, Bothas Hill, Inchanga and Polly Shortts. On the way, runners pass Arthur’s Seat, where they are reminded to tip their caps to get Arthur’s blessing. The map actually recommends “WALK” a number of times and cautions against believing that Little Polly is the real thing: “Remember the Comrades is not done until you tackle number 5, Polly Shortts.”

For great mental preparation, runners may take themselves through the race, step by step, especially the bad bits, to avoid nasty surprises.


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