MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • Cape Etc
  • ESPN (Body Issue)
  • Forbes (Spain)
  • OUT
  • TIME

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Cape Etc, Issue 2, 2016

Cape Etc, Issue 2, 2016

A beautiful shot and cover of the greater Cape Town area (not too sure where exactly). Nature + animals + going green = great! To preview this issue of Cape Etc, or its previous (also stunning) issues, go right here.


ESPN Body Issue, August 2016

ESPN Body Issue 2016 covers

Every August, we’re treated to beautiful athletic bodies (in all shapes and sizes) on many, many ESPN covers! This year is no different, and the dedicated website is even better and hotter. The athletes who took part this year are: Nathan Adrian, Jake Arrieta, Antonio Brown, Emma Coburn, Courtney Conlogue, Elena Delle Donne, Ryan Dungey, Adeline Gray, Greg Louganis, Conor McGregor, Von Miller, Chris Mosier, Nzingha Prescod, Christen Press, April Ross, Allysa Seely, Claressa Shields, Dwayne Wade and Vince Wilfork.

If the official pictures aren’t enough for you, you may also view behind-the-scenes pictures and videos here.


Forbes (Spain), July/August 2016

Forbes (Spain), July/August 2016

A bit of a higher-grade cover to ‘get’ at first glance, but, now that I do, it’s quite brilliant! Take some time, and soon you will also think the same… If you read Spanish, or use Google Translate, find out more about this issue here.



Ah, fab!!! Actually, double-fab, because there’s double the amount of fabulousness as OUT magazine has two covers featuring Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley). They’re promoting their new movie, and I personally can’t wait to go and see it! To read the article, you absolutely have to click here.

Here’s the fab Ab Fab trailer:


TIME, 11 July 2016

TIME, 11 July 2016

It only takes one drastic change to have a massive domino-effect, and the reality is that the true effect we’ll only feel properly at a much-later stage… Perfectly illustrated. Preview this issue of TIME here.


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