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  • Triumph wins the e-retail consumer
  • Creating a cult with MOKAÏ
  • Doritos Jacks up KFC

Triumphant in SA

International sales for lingerie brand, Triumph, have soared as e-commerce takes off, making an South African online store a reality just in time for the festive season.

Triumph SA Christmas promotionRecent financial results have shown that Triumph International’s online sales have seen a 10% sales growth internationally, thanks to e-retail through its own e-commerce channels plus other online e-tailers.

The company has invested in improving service and usability levels. Recently, the European online shops integrated responsive design to provide the consumer with an optimised online shopping experience across all devices. This resulted in a 160% increase in order entries over mobile phones, compared to previous year, and a 75% increase over tablet computers.

In addition, the TVC “Find the One” from earlier this year has raised brand awareness and driven traffic onto e-commerce and stockist search platforms.

Finally, service optimisations in several countries, such as Trusted Shop integration, new carriers and new payment methods as well as filter optimisations, also contributed to the sales growth and convenient user experience.

As a result, South Africans may now also enjoy being able to shop for all manner of undergarments from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.



Denmark brings SA the cult of MOKAÏ

MOKAÏ, an all-in-one energy drink and spirit cooler, has been introduced to SA from Denmark. It contains vodka, flavour infusions and an energy shot of caffeine.

MOKAÏ was introduced in Denmark in 2009 by Danish company, CULT, whose owner, Brian Sørensen, says he envisioned a product that could be used as a drinks mixer and “get people to party a little bit longer”.

When asked what inspired him, Sørensen says: “I got the idea for the design of the MOKAÏ bottle in Ibiza — if you look closely, you can see the Ibiza lizard, a butterfly and a seahorse all encompassed in the design. MOKAÏ was designed to stand out on shelves and bar fridges, attracting the attention of shoppers as well as to appeal to the young and stylish consumer who values their personal appearance and a premium lifestyle in all aspects, including clothing, accessories and their social lives.”

Available from Shoprite Checkers LiquorShops countrywide at a retail price of R79 per six pack.


KFC burger packs a punch

KFC Jacked Up Double Crunch Burger 770Doritos has added seriously hot crunch to KFC South Africa’s burger selection.

The introduction of the new Jacked Up Double Crunch Burger to the restaurant’s menu is meant to cater for enthusiasts seeking a more-adventurous and -daring taste.

The Smokin’ Hot BBQ chips pack a powerful punch and aren’t for sissies — available at KFC outlets nationwide.



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