Louise Marsland (@Louise_Marsland)’s weekly pick of recent product, packaging and design launches:

  • Brand refresh for Two Oceans wine
  • the Nespresso ‘boutique’ retail concept expands, and
  • a new phone app enables instant pix and video

Two Oceans wine crafts new look

Two Oceans: Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot new 750ml pack shotTwo Oceans wine has a new look after a brand refresh to reflect its fruity profile and “smooth styling”. The inspiration for the brand — the Cape Peninsula coastline where the cold Atlantic and warm Indian oceans meet — has been given greater prominence in the design.

The new look has been incorporated in all the new vintage releases, with the Two Oceans Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot being the first to go on shelf.

According to global spokesperson, Jackie Olivier, the revamp retains some of the familiar and popular brand cues but expresses them with greater elegance and more pronounced shelf impact: “The more-premium pack with a sleeker label is better aligned to the wines themselves that are brimming with fruit flavours. The partially see-through label on the taller bottle creates a very approachable look, which is just the right tone for the brand, enjoyed by people when they are relaxing and unwinding.”

Olivier says the influence of the sea plays an important role in grape flavour as cooling sea breezes can lower temperatures during the lead-up to the harvest, slowing down ripening to intensify fruit flavours. “This is the rationale for the new Two Oceans’ strapline, ‘crafted by the African sun and cool sea breezes’. We are reminding wine lovers that extraordinary conditions give rise to beautifully, perfectly balanced wines.”

The wine is sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

Nespresso expands retail footprint

Nespresso tasting areaNespresso storeNespresso product

The second Nespresso Boutique opened last month at Cape Town’s Canal Walk centre to showcase the range of Nespresso products and to provide a tasting station for trying coffee variants. With this third store in South Africa, the second in the Mother City, Nespresso aims to nurture the growing coffee culture locally in the premium-portioned coffee market and single-portioned/capsule coffee.

The Nespresso Boutiques have been designed in collaboration with French architect Francis Krempp and the ‘art gallery-style’ emporiums have been launched around the world. The boutiques have been strategically designed to highlight the brand’s emphasis on creating “a highly calibrated brand experience” and encourage clients to connect with the brand emotionally in experiencing the ‘Nespresso lifestyle’.

This launch marks the expansion of the Nespresso retail network, with the objective of shaping coffee culture outside of Europe. Nespresso has a global expansion strategy in selected markets and urban environments worldwide, and a rapidly growing customer base in SA. Nespresso Business Solutions has also expanded in SA with the recent launch of the Aguila coffee machine and ‘one-touch’ technology.

Pierre Debayle, market director of Nespresso Middle East, Africa and Caribbean, said at the Canal Walk launch that the company would continue to invest in SA, which he described as “a big coffee country”.

Bolt on app for Instagram for SA

Bolt for Instagram 1Bolt for Instagram 2Bolt for Instagram 3Bolt for Instagram 4

Instagram launched Bolt this week, a one-to-one visual messaging app for iOS and Android that lets users capture and send photos and videos to friends with just one tap. Bolt is the first new standalone app from the Instagram team and launches exclusively in SA, New Zealand and Singapore.

Bolt was built to be fast and simple — it’s for communicating in that moment with people you’re close to, as quickly as possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up with your phone number, no email needed.
  • Add friends to a “favorites” list.
  • With just a single tap, shoot and send a photo or video.
  • Add text captions or reply directly to messages.


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