The DA has received notice from the SABC that it is removing the DA’s ‘ANC Ayisafani’ television commercial from the airwaves. ancThe SABC has now released a statement outlining their reasons for pulling the DA’s ad.

Statement from the SABC:

‘We advise the DA that we are not able to continue broadcasting these advertisements for the following reasons:

1) The ICASA Regulations on Political Advertising state clearly that there may not be incitements to violence. It is our view that the reference in your television advertisement to police killing our people is cause for incitement to action against the police services*. In addition, the Electoral Code of Conduct signed at the IEC by political parties (which we understand included the Democratic Alliance) states that the Code is part of the Electoral Act (73 of 1998) and contains a list of prohibited conduct, including using language which provokes violence.

2) The Electoral Code of Conduct includes a clause prohibiting the publication of false information about other candidates or parties. We believe this can also be extended to information that has not yet been tested and confirmed in a court of law, such as the allegations in your advertisement regarding the Nkandla matter.

3) As you are no doubt aware, the Code of Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) does not permit attacking another product to promote your own. The ASA does not have jurisdiction over political advertising permitted during the Election Period, but it is our view that the Complaints and Compliance Committee of ICASA, which then assumes jurisdiction, is most likely to apply the same principle.

4) We are also of the view that the SABC will not permit personal attacks on any party member or leader by any other party, as is being done in your advertisement in respect of President Jacob Zuma. We do not have any concern about generic statements regarding matters such as corruption or lack of service delivery, but do not believe that it is correct to pin such issues on any specific person, whether the President or anyone else.

We have also informed them that they are entitled to submit an amended version of the said advert.’


* Bold text ours.

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