10and5logosmall1by Uno de Waal (@Unodewaal) Today on Design Annotator we’ve got:

  • A piece of street artwork made up of 100 yield signs
  • An interview with the creative director of Spier Architectural Arts
  • Some brilliant new work by Wesley van Eeden
  • Cape Town Love, an app which celebrates the Mother City
  • GoldRush, a film depicting Josh Hayman’s weekend in Jozi
  • An interview with Four Corners director Ian Gabriel and BTS videos
  • A recap of our XooXity Hack and the winning installation
  • The 2014 Loerie Awards campaign by McCann
  • A new TVC for Standard Bank in which children’s toys come to life


r1 ‘Yield’ — a street art piece in Braamfontein

r1 'Yield' — a street art piece in Braamfontein

Street artist r1 produces urban interventions to transform city spaces and create new visual alternatives. His latest piece, ‘Yield’, is based on the common yield street sign. Installed in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, the artwork consists of a street pole set into the sidewalk. A hundred yield signs take over the wall behind it.

The aim of the project is to use street art to uplift and improve the city’s alleyways.

Read more about ‘Yield’ and watch a video on the piece here.

My Day Job: Liani van der Westhuizen of Spier Architectural Arts

Vertical Aerial: Johannesburg

Liani van der Westhuizen is the creative director at Spier Architectural Arts, where she oversees the various studios, artists and designers in curating and producing site-specific and large-scale art interventions, and she directs every step of the creative and construction process.

Most of this magic happens at Union House, a majestic old warehouse building which now hosts Spier Architectural Arts.

Read our interview with Van der Westhuizen here.

New work by Wesley van Eeden

Wesley van Eeden

Wesley van Eeden is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and painter, and his portfolio matches his boundless talent. He is part of the RVCA Artist Network Programme, his work decorates walls across South Africa, and he just released two brand new prints.

Find out what inspires his momentum, and enter to win one of Van Eeden’s exclusive new prints!



Cape Town Love, an app celebrating the Mother City

Cape Town Love, an app inspired by the Mother City

Megan and Mike Gilger are a married couple who have a design studio called Wild Measure and run a blog called The Fresh Exchange. Towards the end of last year, they paid a visit to Cape Town.

Much to our delight, they found themselves inspired, so much so that during their stay they built an app called Cape Town Love in collaboration with the folks at Over — in only 24 hours.

Read about the Cape Town Love app.

GoldRush | A weekend in Jozi by Josh Hayman

GoldRush from Josh Hayman on Vimeo.

Cape Town-based videographer Josh Hayman has a talent for capturing the essence of a city or situation, which we witnessed in his video of a bi-coastal trip to Los Angeles and New York City and, more recently, in his video Spirit of a Nation, made at the Madiba memorial concert at the Cape Town Stadium.

This year he put his tourist cap on again and took it upon himself to make a trip north to Johannesburg for a weekend.

The video, GoldRush, shows the sights that met him in the City Of Gold.



An interview with Four Corners director Ian Gabriel

An interview with Four Corners director Ian Gabriel

Directed by Ian Gabriel, Four Corners is a multi-thread crime drama centred on the gang culture which is rife in the Cape Flats. With references to the four corners of a chess board and a prison cell, the film tells the story of how the lives of Farakhan, Leila, Tito and Gasant come to converge around a young chess prodigy, Ricardo.

In our interview with him, Gabriel gives us some further insight into the creation of Four Corners, as well as the meaning it holds for both him and the people of the Cape Flats community.

Inside the Four Corners

Ahead of its release in South African cinemas on 28 March, we’ve been given an up close and personal look at the making of Ian Gabriel’s film, ‘Four Corners‘.

‘Inside the Four Corners’ is a series of three short films — The First Corner, The Second Corner and The Third Corner — which were directed and filmed by Karien Cherry.

Watch The Second Corner and The Third Corner here.

A recap of the XooXity Hackathon, and the winner announced!

A recap of the Xooxity hackathon and the winner announced

On Saturday, 15 March 2014, we teamed up with the folks at Hellocomputer to host a XooXity Hackathon, calling on tech-heads and creatives alike to join forces in conceptualising an interactive, light-inspired installation.

Chosen out of seven teams, the winners came up with ‘Inpulse’ — a light installation made up of aware neuron-like light ‘Strings’, which become animated through the liveliness or joy of the person/people standing below them.

Here are some snapshots from the event, and more details about the winning installation ‘Inpulse’.



The 2014 Loerie Awards campaign | Create. Affect.

The 2014 Loerie Awards campaign | Create. Affect.

Entries to the 2014 Loerie Awards officially opened this week and with the announcement came the first phase of Create. Affect., this year’s Loeries campaign by McCann.

Each year the honour (daunting task) goes to a different advertising agency and what they do with the brief is always much-anticipated and hotly debated.

See the campaign images and read what McCann has to say.

Standard Bank TVC | Remember when you felt excited about banking?

The latest Standard Bank ad by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris and Egg Films takes us back to childhood through a young girl’s trip to a Standard Bank ATM with her father.

A normally uneventful trip to an ATM is anything but that for a girl whose imagination is still flourishing: on her way there, the girl sees an assortment of characters and toys come alive in the cityscape, from a small pink creature in a manhole to an enormous blue giant in between two buildings.

Find out more about the TVC and credits here.


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