by Tim Robinson (@burningpoint) As a child, you’re likely to remember afternoons in front of the TV watching the antics of a transformational clay character, Morph, and his sidekick gang. The simplicity of story and uniqueness of technique made Morph a household hit in South Africa and the UK.

Recently, Visual Sip spoke to Peter Lord, the creator of Morph and founding partner of Aardman Animation (which brought us Wallace and Gromit, Shaun The Sheep, Chicken Run, The Pirates and more), about the new Morph series to be released online in 2014, what it means to update a 37-year-old icon for modern times (will Morph have an Instagram account?) and what role crowd-sourcing ideas will play in the new series.
While Visual Sip aims to make all interviews 3-5 minutes, sometimes one just has to sit back for a little longer (in this case, 17 minutes) and listen to 40 years of TV and Film wisdom.
Audio disclaimer: this is a Skype interview.

Tim Robinson


Tim Robinson has spent 14 years in the marketing, design, digital and TV industry, and currently works with brands wanting to produce content in the convergent media space of digital and video. Robinson contributes the new monthly “Visual Sip” column to, in which he talks to industry leaders about their stories, technologies and trends in the industry — a coffee-break-length conversation about the emerging industry of broadcast on the web and video strategy.


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