Share runs a regular slot featuring the best local and international magazine covers every week. We recognise well thought out, powerful and interesting (and hopefully all three in one) magazine covers and celebrate the mix of pragmatism, creativity and personal taste that created each of them. By media blogger MediaSlut.



Westword, 24 January 2013


This cover holds reference to a very touchy subject; abortion and the (in this instance Catholic) church. Nevertheless, it’s one of my favourites because of the treatment on the cover and the striking illustration and meaning behind it. It also reminded me of my favourite TV series at the moment; American Horror Story Season 2… Those who watch it will understand what I mean.

New GUP, 2013

New Gup

New Gup 1

New Gup 2

GUP stands for “Guide to Unique Photography”, and the special issue out now (New GUP) is all about the young new photographers in the Netherlands who are up and coming. It offers readers a selection of 10 beautiful covers to choose from. Above are 3 of the 10.

Bloomberg Businessweek, 28 January 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek

A very playful and creative cover concept to show what designers and creatives have to go through to get to the end result… It reminded me of the new ‘posters’ flying around the internet featuring the stupid and idiotic feedback that desginers have received from clients. A must see.




VISI competition

Picture tweeted by @HannerieVisser, showing her cover in progress...
Picture tweeted by @HannerieVisser, showing her cover in progress…

Just reading some of the tweets about the new VISI 64 DIY DELUXE issue and cover seems to suggest this might not only be their best issue but also the most creative VISI cover yet. And I can completely see why! For the DIY issue, the cover is filled with little holes, and “I LOVE DIY” ‘cross-stiched’ onto it. But what makes the cover extra special, is that they are inviting readers to create their own creative designs around the “I LOVE DIY” design (see examples above), and I’ve seen a few people tweeting their designs in progress. To kick off their creativity, every reader is also getting a nice red piece of thread to start playing around with (see picture tweeted).

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