Umshini wakho. Now hand in your unlicensed guns


umshini wakho

This poster work was a joint initiative by Art South Africa and Y&R. Art South Africa was publishing an issue titled “Z is for Zuma”. The editorial featured 6 respected local & international journalists giving their take on the song “Mshini Wami” (‘Bring us your machine gun’ – the song made famous again by Jacob Zuma and his supporters) and the relevance of the song in our country today.

Y&R were briefed to produce a print & poster campaign to promote the issue in a relevant way.

Instead of just delivering an “on sale” message Y&R gave “Mshini Wami” a twist. The poster header in Zulu says “bring us your machineguns” and the body copy asks people to hand in all unlicensed guns to their nearest police station.


Clinton Bridgeford
Melusi Tshabalala
Andrew O’ Donoghue
Richard Van Zyl


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  1. Correction: I kgosi Motshidi was the copywriter on this campaign. I want my name there, you can even check out the Loeries annual book, I am there. No can I see my name there please.

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