The unreal world of House & Garden magazine


Conde Nast House & GardenMuch have been said about the mind boggling gap between the haves and the have nots in South Africa. Leaders (like Tutu, not the kind lining their own pockets) warn repeatedly that not addressing this divide will eventually lead to a total break down in our society. With their own long term viability in mind business is finally starting to talk about social justice. Then there is Condé Nast House & Garden who sees it fit to plug “Green-painted wooden LOGS from R3262.58, The Modern Garden Company (top left corner of the image). Yes that is R3262.58 for a green-painted wooden log. The obvious question – couldn’t they round up the 58c? Can anybody in this country really be so disconnected from society that they would create this product, find a market for it, and then manage top sell it to the editors of a glossy magazine? Nasty!


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2 replies on “The unreal world of House & Garden magazine”

  1. that’s horrid. the kind of moral outcry that the sunday times inspired should be aimed at these guys. seriously! it’s not even pretty!

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