by MediaSlut (@MediaSlutSexiness, as with beauty, is subjective and once again I’ve donned my various pairs of straight, gay, kinky and conservative spectacles for my #MagLoveTop10 list of the sexiest magazine covers of 2016!

Here’s the publishing schedule for 2016’s #MagLoveTop10 series:

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#10. DESTINY, July 2016

DESTINY, July 2016: Lira

This cover of Lira also made my Top 10 South African covers list, and it’s very deserving of a position here, too, as it just oozes sex appeal and she’s absolutely rocking this power suit! Read more here.

This is DESTINY’s first appearance on this list.


#9. V, Summer 2016

V, Spring 2016: Britney Spears

V’s Summer issue also made our Sexiest list for 2015, and this time it’s both Britney Spears and the sexy six-pack lounging in his underwear making it possible again.

This is V’s second appearance on this list. In 2015, it made it to #10.


#8. Zeit Magazin, 24 November 2016

Zeit Magazin, 24 November 2016: Bruce Springsteen

Usually the type of cover a magazine does once an artist has passed away, but Bruce Springsteen, now 67, is still very much alive and still as sexy as in his youth! The first cover (page 1) is of him in his jeans as a young artist, with the coverline translating as “Sometimes I’d like to be like Bruce Springsteen”, and the second cover shot (page 3) with the coverline “Says Bruce Springsteen”.

This is Zeit Magazin’s first appearance on this list.


#7. Variety, 4 October 2016

Variety, October 2016: Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox was the first transgendered person to receive the honour of being on Variety’s “Power of Women” list, and her cover, among the other selected women, is the most powerful and striking one to me — and also definitely very sexy! Read more here.

This is Variety’s first appearance on this list.


#6. Gayletter, Issue 4 (Limited Edition)

Gayletter, issue 4, limited edition

Gayletter published two covers for Issue 4, with this being its Limited Edition, with only 250 copies printed! Such a bummer that this wasn’t also for sale in South Africa… Absolutely love this innocence, yet sexuality, of this cover. And, of course, there’s nothing better than a well-toned-bum.

This is Gayletter’s first appearance on this list.


#5. Esquire (Turkey), July 2016

Esquire (Turkey), July 2016: George Clooney

Esquire in Turkey tried to bring peace to the world with this cover, but it should do more of these with George Clooney and dogs to help in this regard… I definitely won’t complain! Read more here.

While this is the first time that Esquire (Turkey) has appeared on this list, other Esquires made it to #6 in 2014 and to #7 in 2012.


#4. ESPN Body Issue, August 2016

ESPN Body Issue 2016 covers

Athleticism features big in our Top 5 but none as raw and real as ESPN’s annual Body Issue campaign! Also view the behind-the-scenes pictures and videos. Read more here.

This is ESPN’s third appearance on this list. In 2015, its Body Issue made it to #5 and to #1 in 2013.


#3. SELF, September 2016

Self, September 2016: Serena Williams

“Sexy” comes in all shapes, sizes and forms — and strong is definitely sexy, especially when teamed up with recently engaged Serena Williams! Read more here.

This is Self’s first appearance on this list.


#2. Interview, August 2016

Interview, August 2016: Idris Elba

Ah, THAT gaze…! THOSE eyes! This PHOTO! Here’s the full interview and photoshoot.

This is Interview’s fourth appearance on this list. It made it to #2 in 2015, to #4 in 2014 and to #6 in 2012.


#1. Daily Mail Weekend, 30 July 2016

Daily Mail Weekend, 30 June 2016: Tom Daley

At the recent 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Tom Daley and his teammate (Daniel Goodfellow) walked about with Bronze in the synchronised 10m platform event, but he’s now walking with gold on my Sexiest list, and a very-deserving no. 1 spot! If that’s how hot he looks in a wet suit, imagine how hot he will look on his wedding day later this year! Maybe he’ll make another Sexiest Cover list ;-) Read more here.

This is Daily Mail Weekend’s first appearance on this list.


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