7 replies on “EXCLUSIVE: Cell C drops King James, FoxP2 – retains Ogilvy”

  1. This is the classical stakeholder management conundrum.

    As I tell my audiences, stakeholder involvement is contextual and stakeholders can change position overnight or in a meeting. Hence the importance of constantly managing and measuring relationships. Some stakeholders protect their interests through SLA’s and legal contracts, but are they enough?

    Strategies change, relationships change, people leave. The stark realities of business.

    Never put your eggs in one basket. As the late Tom Lambert used to say:” When you are fat, dumb and happy, its time to market yourself!

    That’s why I never celebrate when I win a contract.

  2. @Deon Binneman, who’s responsibility is it to communicate with all stakeholders? Client or agency? I would think that Cell C should have taken it upon themselves to inform their incoming CEO the process that was in play? Can’t expect the agency to force the pitch team on Cell C’s side to make this happen.

    I don’t see what King James and Fox P2 could have done about this except put out the best work/pitch and credentials possible? Is this not what agencies should do in these situations instead of worrying about sorting the clients internal stakeholder communication?

    Its a sad situation, especially as the new agencies staffed up for this.

  3. Very sad indeed. Cape Town agencies have recently been producing some killer advertising. I thought Cell C moving down to CT was as a sure sign Jozi clients are feeling more confident in our ability to handle big accounts. I’d use the pitch fee to buy shares in MTN. Great article. Wallace

  4. corruption, its about time that corruption be exposed in the ad industry, the industry is full of kick backs

  5. Sipho, get a grip! If FoxP2 or King James were complete outsiders, then your comment would hold water! But these 2 agencies are both highly awarded and highly regarded, why on earth would they need to pay a bribe?

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