The Sell: How a cupcake can change your shopping habits

by Mimi Nicklin (@MimiNicklin) Every three months or so, I use this column as a review of existing shopper work ‘on the ground’to summarise the current state of the nation. This time, I was reminded how much I love doing this by something as simple as a cupcake painted in blue and white…

It was game day, the Currie Cup final, and the Cape was proud, excited and nervous all mixed into one. From as early as 8am, the men were dressed in Western Province shirts and the traffic lights were alive with hawkers selling, well, anything that allowed for a stripe. I, being the non-rugby-fan shopping addict that I am, chose thatmorning to grocery shop.

It is estimated that, at any one time, there are 600+ live activations (promotions, sampling, activations, offers) in most large grocery stores in South Africa and,that Saturday, Checkers Hyper was buzzing. I could barely walk for a sample, prize or tasting heading my way.

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