Ad of the week with Oresti Patricios – when the product becomes the artwork

MarkLives Ad of the Week with Oresti Patricios – when the product becomes the artwork

This week’s Ad of the Week is once again about a campaign that moves outside of the mainstream, and engages with the community, using art and social media.

For anyone growing up in SA in the past six decades, there are several brands that have come to symbolise our very ‘South African-ness’ and which are as much a part of our fabric as braaivleis, Soweto, ‘koeksusters’ or Mandela. To get a sense of what I mean, think of Springbok Radio, Marmite, Sunlight, Mrs Ball’s, Marie biscuits… and of course Chappies bubblegum.

When I was young, there was only one flavour of Chappies, and that was the juicy gum that was a sort of fruity pink. And yes, I mean pink as a flavour. You got four for a cent, and they came in a wrapper with an inspired gimmick – one that has endured for generations.

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