by MarkLives (@marklives) Keith Rose was the director behind some of South Africa’s most-iconic television advertising, including BMW’s “Mouse” and Allan Gray’s “Beautiful”, to name only two.

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Rose received accolades from across the globe for his work, from being inducted into the Clio TV Hall of Fame, being selected by Shots as one of its “100 top creative minds of all time” to Campaign magazine naming him among the top five directors in the world. He was also inducted into SA’s Creative Circle Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Loeries Hall of Fame in 2014. He won numerous awards and was president of the Cannes Lions Film Craft jury in 2011.




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Design Indaba 2009

Keith Rose on advertising’s golden years from Design Indaba 2009


Left Post Production memorial edit


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10 replies on “RIP Keith Rose — industry reaction and tributes”

  1. My name is Melissa Brown, a good friend of Keith Rose. I had the privilege of reminding him of his great self worth on the 20/09/2018 by means of a letter. We discussed the subtle unboundedness of the Universe, all that he his, versus the gross relative world where we can find ourselves bound. Let us all reach for a miracle please in his Name, relinquish all grievances and pain, and bring Heaven to Earth. God is Great.

  2. Go Gently Keith – you were a giant influence on our film and advertising industry from the ’70’s through the Golden Years to today – so many of us learnt art & passion from you! Your memory lives on …

  3. Keith was without doubt, one of the country’s great cinematographers and commercial directors. His passing has left a void proliferated by charlatans – who have worked out how to point a camera and switch on a lamp without blowing a fuse – who now qualify as a DOP and Directors on productions. Like so much else, we are submerged in an industry of smoke and mirrors celebrating mediocrity.

  4. Keith was an artist in the most beautiful sense. I was truly privileged to have watched him bring a tiny idea of mine alive. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.

  5. A master of the medium. A Giant. What an eye – What a mind. RIP

  6. What a terrible loss to the world of advertising and all….his legacy is excellence……RIP

  7. It’s taken a whole week for me to process the loss of my little gentle friend Keith Rose. It’s been a week of raw emotions and a flood of memories for me.
    The first time I really got to know Keith was when he was a cheeky cameraman where we had an argument over the size of our studio. Although he reluctantly agreed to shoot in it he still made magic with our Red, Yellow, Blue Citi Golf Tv commercial which was the start of the biggest success story in the history of Volkswagen.
    Little did I know at that time that our joint careers would collide into a journey of gigantic proportions. Vw and Audi gave us the opportunity to travel around the world on numerous occasions which brought us closer together with memories I will cherish for ever. I share this loss with the many people who were part of this journey particularly our two German colleagues Peter Lony and Peter Naguschewski. Both of these guys loved Keith dearly. I was also lucky enough to meet up with Paula Viljoen and Caroline Foster(Fossie)this past week for a reminisce and a little cry.
    I will never forget all the great work we did together but also the fun an laughter we shared. Keith got me to do my first triple loop on a Roller Coaster at the October Fest in Germany. The many dinners and parties in Cannes and the long discussions about life and the meaning of it.
    Keith played by his rules and continued to be the magic maker he was.
    I loved seeing Keith becoming a family man. Standing on the side of a rugby field watching his kids play sport.
    His loss is felt across the globe and for me it’s raw,painful and very personal.
    A bundle of pure talent Kieth Rose was a giant of creativity and a humble soul. I feel so proud to have been part of his journey and will always remember him for being a kind lovable and generous person.
    Go well my little friend and continue to make magic wherever you are. After all you were always made of “The Right Stuff “
    My love, thoughts and support go out to all who loved him.
    Peter Gird


    After the devastating passing of our dear friend Keith ROSE, we would like to collect donations from friends, family or ex-colleagues for the family and to cover some emergency costs.
    Please help the grieving family by clicking the link below.

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