by MarkLives (@marklives) Absa has launched its new corporate identity, following its divorce from Barclays. Barclays Africa Group has officially been rebranded and started trading under its new name, Absa Group, and new share code (ABG) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange today, Wednesday, 11 July 2018. OgilvyRED (New York), Grid Worldwide and Yellowwood consulted on the brand change.

The new group has a presence in 12 African countries and plans to open international offices in the UK and the US.

“New purpose and strategic direction”

New Absa logo 2018“Our new name and brand are an expression of our new purpose and strategic direction, which commits us to growing in Africa,” says Maria Ramos, Absa Group CEO. “We are rallying around a shared sense of purpose and identity while celebrating our diversity. We would like to build the brand as a bank that Africa’s people can be proud of, a truly independent African bank with global scalability.A single brand will enable us to unite behind a single identity, purpose and strategy; we are excited by the enormous opportunity we have to create a bank that Africa can be proud of.”

The rollout of the new Absa brand design in South Africa will be completed in 2019. It will also be rolled out to Absa Group’s Barclays banks in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia by mid-2020, subject to approvals including from regulators in those countries. Product and service functionality will not be affected by the rebranding programme.

Social media reacts

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4 replies on “Social media reacts to Absa’s new logo”

  1. Most ridiculous waste of money from ‘management’. And their aggressive ‘expansion plans’ similarly ridiculous. If you hold shares in ABSA, now is the time to (very quickly) get rid of them. They have been losing clients locally because they don’t know how to serve/service South Africans. And now they want to replicate their bad service levels to other countries – the UK nogal??!! Ramos will run this bank also into the ground. ABSA should have tried to change their culture – not their logo. We have started closing our ABSA accounts two months ago – slowly moving over to Nedbank. ABSA’s latest ‘move’ will expedite our efforts (sorry – I should probably now write Absa – as it is now a ‘word’ – not an acronym!). Most obviously display of a lack of client communication is that this morning I logged on to ABSA to do transfers from abroad – only to find a strange looking site/logo! So, thinking that I am on a bogus site, I immediately logged off and went on the mobile site (cell phone – still displaying of course the old logo). SO WONDERFUL is their client service, that they have not even communicated the logo change with their customers before putting it into effect!

  2. And now “transfer” of funds doesn’t work on Internet banking, I was told to use AbsaAfrica website !!!!

    Gerald Ogilvie

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