by Herman Manson (@marklives) The reputation of South Africa’s media establishment (and anti-establishment) has been taking a beating of late. We collate some of the public reaction on the retractions, misogyny and what appears to be personal vendettas. It’s been a shameful couple of weeks.

The Huffington Post South Africa (JV with Media24)

Sunday Times (Tiso Blackstar Group)

The Sunday Times thought a “Blonde Ambition” would make a swell description of a female politician’s amibitions.

Mail & Guardian

The Mail & Guardian ran three different iterations of its story on the death of Ramon Leon (father of former Democratic Alliance leader, Tony Leon), revising the original not once but twice.

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M&G pulls ‘hanging judge’ claim against Ramon Leon

“Publication forced to apologise after making false claims against highly-regarded jurist following his death.”

Business Report (Independent Newspapers)

What is going on at Business Report? Two versions of same story by “staff reporter” (but see editor’s note and opinion inserted into original ‘news’ story). No note to readers explaining changes either.

Updated story

Story with changes

Further reading

amaBhungane Analysis: Iqbal Survé’s mythical beast

“The full extent of the destruction at Independent Media since the Public Investment Corporation placed the company at the disposal of Iqbal Survé has been laid bare – ironically via Surve’s outrageous attempt to use other peoples money to plug the R2,3-billion hole in his media balance sheet.”

Independent Media response to amaBhungane/Daily Maverick

“The most important point we would like to make here is that we, as Independent Media and Sagarmatha Technologies Limited, have nothing to hide. We have been consistently transparent. What worries most of our media competitors – our main detractors – is that we have identified the future of media and have constructed a Multi-Sided-Platform (MSP) that will make traditional media houses obsolete. They are fighting for their existence.”

Independent Media sets the record straight on JSE listing

“In the weeks leading up to the listing, certain opposition media companies embarked on a disinformation campaign against Independent Media in an attempt to scupper the listing. Snippets of information, contained in the 212-page PLS, were extracted and represented as an “exposé”, in an attempt to mislead the public and create a picture of wrongdoing and to cast suspicion on some of the people and companies involved in Sagarmatha Technologies.”


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