MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
  • Financial Mail (South Africa)
  • Stylist (UK)
  • The Hollywood Reporter
  • The New Yorker

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Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, May/June 2017

Dartmouth, May June 2017 - David Benioff

In just less than 60 days, Season 7 of Game of Thrones will start (16 July 2017 in the US, and 17 July in South Africa)! The Alumni magazine of Dartmouth College was able to get inside scoops and info from the co-creator and showrunner, David Benioff, who was at Dartmouth until 1992, as he talks about the “day that changed his life, his fear of prison, and what it’s like behind the scenes on the most-acclaimed TV show ever.” To compliment this big scoop, it’s got an amazing cover and photography to go with this article. An interesting fact from the article: At Dartmouth he was a member of Phi Delt and Sphinx. He matriculated as David Friedman, and later took his mother’s maiden name, Benioff, because of all the David Friedmans in Hollywood.”


Financial Mail (South Africa), 18 May 2017

Financial Mail, 18 May 2017 - Brian Molefe

I’m picking up a very strong Doctor Evil vibe (from the famous Austin Powers franchise) on this latest cover and, if so, it’s a very clever hidden message by Financial Mail (even with Brian Molefe stroking his own Mr Bigglesworth) ! Yes, Molefe is back in his big Eskom chair but, as it also says on the cover, “more tears loom as the ANC wants him gone”. In-te-res-ting times, Baby!


Stylist (UK), 3 May 2017

Stylist UK, 3 May 2017 - Marine Le Pen

We all know how the French battle between Marine le Pen and Emmanuel Macron ended but, before the election, Stylist published a cover with Le Pen, and it caused quite a bit of controversy… The heading of its article was “From political pariah to presidential contender: We investigate the rise of Marine le Pen”. For the full fall-out and social media storm in caused, hop over to Huffington Post UK for the full breakdown.


The Hollywood Reporter, 15 May 2017

The Hollywood Report, 15 May 2017 - SNL team

Some of the most famous (TV-character) faces of 2017 are all featured on the latest Hollywood Reporter, as the SNL cast talk about their “YUUUUGE YEAR”  — and boy have they been making headlines while making fun of the political headlines! The behind-the-scenes work that goes into an episode still amazes me so, on your lunch break today, make sure you read the hysterical info about how each of the characters came about…


The New Yorker, 22 May 2017

The New Yorker, 22 May 2017 - James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump

The New Yorker has used a (now-famous) visual image of passenger David Dao pulled off a United Airlines flight to illustrate lawyer and FBI director, James Comey, being fired, and pulling him off is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Brilliant on-point illustration by artist Barry Blitt! Oh, and that person overlooking everything at the back? Can only be Donald Trump… I read that Barry Blitt joked that his illustration is a bit of a leap, because “James Comey is six feet eight — he probably would have been happy to give up his seat in a cramped cabin.” :)



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