MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • Business Today (India)
  • Men’s Health (South Africa)
  • The New York Times Magazine (Health Issue)
  • TIME
  • Vanity Fair

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Business Today (India), 4 June 2017

Business Today (India), 4 June 2017

The cover might be phallic but it gets the coverline message across. You probably can’t look at the cover the same way now, right? Here’s the full article on how Coca-Cola and Pepsi “are under siege as consumer preference shifts to low-sugar, low-calorie soft drinks”.


Men’s Health (South Africa), June 2017

Look at the picture on the left. Now on the right. And to the left again. Yes, it’s the same guy, even with 17 years in between!!! Gregg Avendon is the 52-year-old man who seems to have defeated age and gravity, and editor, Arthur Jones, writes in his letter than Avendon has appeared on 17 Men’s Health international covers so far! In the article MH also published a cover from 1999, and asked him to replicate the cover to show “as it would appear today”. Inspiration…


The New York Times Magazine, 21 May 2017

The New York Times Magazine, 21 May 2017

Sex sells. Animals also grab attention and sell, especially if they’re unique and cute! For its Health Issue, The New York Times Magazine has gone double-cute with a split run of covers featuring Doctor Dog and Doctor Cat. Jake Silverstein, editor-in-chief, writes that the publication was “lacking data on which of our readers are cat or dog people, [so] we distributed them at random. If you are displeased with the animal you received, perhaps you can swap with your neighbour.” If this tickles your fancy, head over the to amazing coverage on this topic.


TIME, 29 May 2017

TIME, 29 May 2017 - White House Red Square

This TIME cover made a всплеск (splash) when it was released last week Friday, especially as more and more Trump/Russia-related info comes out into the public domain! People have been loving it, and still do, as it really does capture the sentiment of a nation. Here’s the full article. MAD magazine then stuck a sharp and clever knife into TIME’s side, accusing TIME of copying MAD’s cover of 12 December 2016, and it did it in true MAD-style and humour!


Vanity Fair, Summer 2017

I’m not a Star Wars fan myself (I’m usually stoned by fans when I say that I’ve actually never watched anything related to Star Wars or Star Trek …), but I do appreciate that massive Star Wars devotees will be extremely excited about Vanity Fair’s massive exclusive with the latest issue! And, as an added bonus, they’ll have a four-way-split-cover to choose from! It’s a little present for fans who can’t wait for December 2017, as they get exclusive access and interviews, and “ultimate sneak peeks at The Last Jedi”. If you’re even just the slightest fan, read the article and savour the magical pictures captured by the legend Annie Leibovitz!



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