MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • British Airways High Life (UK)
  • Financial Mail
  • The Economist
  • VISI

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British Airways High Life (UK), April 2017

British Airways (UK), April 2017: Little Freddie King

Last week, we featured the South African edition’s cover as the strangeness really caught my attention. This week it’s the turn of the UK version as it features the “master of electricity, king of the gut-bucket blues”, Little Freddie King (a blues artist from New Orleans). I may never have heard of him but the cover makes him seem, and sound, so amazing, that I now want to know who this cool “chicken pickin’, string pulling, showstoppin’” guy is! Great contender for Cover Line of the Year, if there ever were one…


Financial Mail, 6 April 2017

Financial Mail, 6 April 2017: Jacob Zuma

“Skollie” was the first thing that jumped to mind when I saw the latest cover of Financial Mail, and it’s definitely a term that’s been thrown around a few times in the media not just by South African citizens but also by politicians. It’s a scary cover. It makes you think. It makes you mad. A definite contender for Cover of the Year! Hopefully, in a couple of weeks’ time, it won’t be “Junk President” on the cover, but “Impeached President”… [a lovely dream – ed]


Financial Mail, 30 March 2017

Financial Mail, 30 March 2017: Pravin Gordhan

I thought the previous FinancialMail cover was also strong and relevant enough to be included; it stands on its own merits. It shows the eminent explosion that Bomb-Zuma was going to cause… and, boy, did it cause massive destruction!


The Economist, 1 April 2017

The Economist, 1 April 2017: Donald Trump

This cover gives new meaning to ‘digging your own grave’; at least Trump is doing it in style on the golf course, where he seems to be spending too much time… Another must-read article.



VISI 89, April 2017

The brand-new Bosjes is one of those locations that not only magazines are clamouring to get their hands on but so too are future wedding couples! It’s one of the most awe-inspiring locations I’ve seen in a long time, and VISI has captured its essence perfectly! On my next trip towards Ceres, Bosjes is definitely on my list, plus a visit to its Bosjeskombuis.



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