by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Jet, Joe Public and director Marc Sidelsky of Bouffant put a totally new spin on selling baby goods with an ad that combines conventional retail selling with self-referential, cheeky humour.

Having a baby is simultaneously the most exciting, stressful, emotionally draining and tiring experience most people may have. Taking care of this new life, this still-to-be-formed individual, may  be both uplifting and daunting. For many mothers, the disturbed sleep, hormonal changes and additional stress may result in depression and low self-esteem — particularly if it’s a first child. Having a baby is intense, and it is all-consuming.

That’s why this ad is so clever: it appeals to the playful, sexual, fun loving, real person at the core of motherhood.

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The “A Moment Just for Moms” TVC in this #JetGetsMoms campaign features a delightfully hunky man by the name of Fezile Mkhize. His dry delivery reminds me a little of the ‘Old Spice Guy’ but with a softer, more metrosexual demeanour.

The ad starts with Mkhize addressing the camera: “Hey, baby,” he says, “we know as a mom you don’t get a second to yourself…” The camera cuts to a wide shot to reveal Mkhize, shirtless, holding a baby in the crook of his arm in a baby-blue nursery type environment. Mkhize is well-built — real ‘beefcake’.

He continues: “… so here’s 35 seconds, just for you,” and gives a big, sexy wink.

Sultry romantic music starts to play, and the camera focuses on a brightly patterned wall. A baby’s head rises into frame and, when the scene cuts to the wide shot, we see that the baby is balanced on the muscular model’s back while he does pushups. The text on the screen advertises the fleecy sleepsuit the child is wearing.

In the next scene, Mkhize has a different baby in the crook of his arm. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little drooling,” he says, lifting up his t-shirt to reveal his well-defined abs. He wipes the baby’s mouth with the T-shirt and gives the camera a wry look.

The next scene finds Mkhize with another baby balanced on his hand as he does barbell exercises; the retail info for toddler tracksuits is displayed in text. In the following scene, he is reclining on the floor with a toddler running around while he presents the sales info for some branded diapers.

The camera cuts to a close-up of a bottle of baby oil, and Mkhize pours it liberally over his chest, rubbing it in, while the music swells.

The music suddenly cuts dead and Mkhize, a little regretfully, says, “OK, now back to reality,” and winks again. This is followed by the Jet logo, with the hashtag #JetGetsMoms.

That’s an apt summary — in this ad, I feel that Jet really does ‘get’ moms, making them feel visible and understood. So many brands make the mistake of seeing women as harassed housewives. Ugh! (You know who you are.) Yet Jet sees mothers as mature, sexual, humorous and people who should be valued and loved.

And that’s not all, folks. The campaign is totally integrated. The theme is continued on the Jet Facebook page, and

A first look at what’s going down at Jet’s Facebook page shows that people are just loving this campaign:

DNV: OMG the guy <3 <3 .. just made me forget that ‘m a lesbian
Jet: He’s quite a hit ?, no matter your preference or age (as we can see from the pure joy in the little one’s eyes)

PBT: Never mind the baby clothes
Jet: The baby clothes are the most important part :)

NSD: I just want a baby from that
Jet: He is quite the looker ?… Oh and of course most importantly so good with kids ?!

MJ: How much for the dude…? :-) :-) :-)
Jet: … We could never put a price on all of that ?

DP: What a treat thanx jet
Jet: Our pleasure Daisy ? glad you enjoyed!

ZV: He’s upstaging the baby lol

CK: this ad its so hoooooot i wl go to jet

LDM: R we supposed to look at the Baby or the yummy man..

SEK: What baby? lol….

Wow, how’s that for endorsement?! It seems as if Mkhize is having the required effect, with Jet is the winner.

Retail can be tough — just ask Edgars, which should pop over the corridor to learn something from Jet, [Edgars and Jet are owned by Edcon] — yet it seems as if Jet is having no problems. Thanks, Jet, for bringing a smile to my face, and to many moms and dads out there. Great work, great casting and great copy. And a big high five to Joe Public, which seems to consistently remain on top form.


Agency: Joe Public
Client: Jet
Group chief creative officer: Pepe Marais
Chief creative officer: Xolisa Dyeshana
Creative directors: Megan Perks, Heloise Byrne
Art director: Carmen van Rensburg
Copywriter: Sarah Forbes
Strategist: Ben Shapirio
Deputy managing director: Khuthala Holten
Account director: Elizabeth Mokatsi
Business unit director: Caree Ferrari
Agency TV producer: Tshepiso Moerane
Production company: Bouffant
Director: Marc Sidelsky
DoP: Clive de Klerk
Producer: Bryony Webster
Post Production: Deepend Post Production
Media planner: Rika Nell
Editor: Marcelle Mouton
Final mix: Jo Darling/Pink Noise


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