MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • Crumbs (Bath & Bristol)
  • Good Weekend
  • House and Leisure
  • Man
  • Out

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Crumbs (Bath & Bristol), November 2016

Crumbs (Bath and Bristol), November 2016

A coffee stain is never a good thing but, when it’s done by Crumbs, it’s brilliant! For its Bath & Bristol issue, it’s splashing the “King of Beans” on the cover, and even a non-coffee-drinker like myself may appreciate this creative cover. Page through the full digital issue here.


Good Weekend, 9 October 2016

Good Weekend, 9 October 2016: Travis Fimmel

I’m in love with this cover execution, done in such a simple yet creative way! On the cover is Australian actor, Travis Fimmel, star of the series Vikings and the new movie Warcraft. I adore how the cover lines for this issue make up his shoulders!


House and Leisure, October 2016

House and Leisure, October 2016

Simple elegance, with just the right amount of gold to take it to the next level!


Man, October 2016

MAN, October 2016: Bonang Matheba

Sjoe, Bonang Matheba is really rocking it on the latest cover of Man, looking absolutely smashing!


OUT, November 2016

Out, November 2016: Tilda Swinton

The latest OUT cover with Tilda Swinton is inspired by her latest movie, Doctor Strange; not only am I fascinated by the cover image but also how it’s been continued throughout her exclusive cover story.

Doctor Strange premieres on 4 November 2016 in South African cinemas.


SARIE, November 2016

SARIE, November 2016: Nataniël and Erik le Roux

The ‘kaalkop’ brothers, Nataniël and Erik le Roux, are back for a second season of Edik van Nantes (yes, Edik and Erik are spelt differently), and these two brothers produce magic together on screen! Nataniël has been on the cover of SARIE a few times but his lesser-known brother Erik is a welcome addition! The inside pictures of the two of them are absolutely stunning, and I’m sure this issue will be a hit with the SARIE readers…

Here’s the trailer for their new season:


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