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  • Hennessy’s 2016 colour legacy
  • Unicorn-sighting with Wazoogles

Styling with mom

Multi-brand fashion department store D’Ore, known for its curated selection of ready-to-wear international luxury brands, has taken a new direction with its recently launched campaign featuring everyday South African women and not professional models.

The campaign taps into founder Vanessa Gounden’s personal commitment for D’Ore to be the ‘thinking woman’s brand of choice’, and the Autumn/Winter 2016 launch focuses upon the concept that every daughter’s original style muse is her mother. The campaign was shot by acclaimed photographer, Merwelene van der Merwe, on location at the Gounden Residence in Pretoria.

Says Gounden, “To celebrate the unique relationship between moms and their daughters, and the style-inspiration moms often provide to their daughters, we have launched a special style-through-the-ages campaign shoot with well-known female personalities and their daughters or mothers.”

The launch campaign #itstartedwithmom features D’Ore founder Vanessa and her daughter, Caelyn Gounden; Chichi Maponya, chairperson of Brand SA, and her daughters, Naledi and Palesa Mabuse; local actress Sophie Ndaba and her daughter, Christine; TV host and award-winning caterer, Vicky Crease, her sister Maira Koutsoudakis, an award-winning interior architect, and their mother; Times Media Group magazine supplements publisher, Aspasia Karras, and her daughter, Alexandra; gynaecologist and philanthropist Sumayya Ebrahim and her daughter, Qaylah Motara; and fashion stylist Anja Bothma and her daughter, Gia.

D’Ore has also launched the Across Generations Initiative to celebrate talented young creatives in the fields of arts, fashion and design. Through this, D’ore will dedicate a portion of all future trust funds to young people pursuing careers in these fields.


Science colours Hennessy

The 2016 Hennessy VSOP Privilège limited edition series celebrates its legacy through science in a collaboration with acclaimed British artist. Peter Saville, and the chance for Hennessy fans to create their own voice art.

Renowned for his technique of recontextualising data as a visual, cultural language, Saville looked for inspiration within the science of chromatography, or “colour writing”, which makes it possible to break out individual components of a complex whole across the colour spectrum. Having analysed the topography of Hennessy VSOP Privilège as data on a chromatographic scale, Saville used his signature technique of data visualisation to transpose data findings into pictorial form, creating a rich visual landscape.

Says Saville, “This dynamic composition of elements is the interpretation of the real, scientific data within the VSOP blend. It shows what VSOP would look like if we were able to stand inside the very structure of the cognac’s blend.”

To make the process relevant to consumers, Hennessy has created a voice art platform that captures each user’s unique personality in a voice recording and then translates each vocal signature into a one-of-a-kind work of digital art. There is also a competition element that allows some users, who share their personality using #voiceart, the chance of having their art piece printed and signed by Saville.



Keeping up with unicorns

When you want some attention, a unicorn is going to make you stand out from the crowd, which is what local brand, Wazoogles Superfood, thought last week when it surprised Cape Town residents with a unicorn, strolling down Sea Point promenade, bearing a large sign encouraging people to get up and keep up.

According to Wazoogles’ Goodman brothers, advertising photographer Gavin and graphic designer Warren, the ‘unicorn’ — which was wearing a banner encouraging people to #followtheunicorn and #keepupforfreewifi — was an initiative to get people walking. The idea was conceived in-house.

“Our products make people stronger and healthier and we’re on a mission to get South Africa moving — by creating an innovative moving billboard that offered free internet access, we got peoples’ legs moving and blood pumping.”

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