MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • L’Officiel (Spain)
  • Volkskrant Magazine
  • Zeit Magazin
  • Golf Digest (South Africa)
  • SA Rugby


L’Officiel (Spain), September 2015

L’Officiel (Spain), September 2015This “Kate the Great” cover is actually a really great Kate Moss cover — when you think about it! It’s not only a cool #throwback, but “her latest feature might be her most personal yet”, as the first issue of L’Officiel in Spain features an ’80s yearbook photo of her. And it’s really grabbing the attention and headlines for this debut! Read more here.

Volkskrant Magazine, 22 August 2015

Volkskrant Magazine, 22 August 2015According to CoverJunkie, the cover reads:



And it’s also asks the question, “What about sex after forty?”

I’m loving the little graphic and image, and the simplicity yet boldness of it all. And, of course, it’s very relevant, what with all the hook-up apps and sites out there, where conversation is kept very short, but not always that sweet…

Zeit Magazin, 27 August 2015

Zeit Magazin, 27 August 2015: Marlene DumasZeit Magazin, 27 August 2015: Marlene Dumas 2
If you give me R100 000 and say that I have to use it to invest in art, I would spend it all on South African-born artist Marlene Dumas (but now living and working in Amsterdam)! That’s why the latest (double) cover of Zeit Magazine immediately drew my attention, kept it, and I still find myself looking at it…

South African

Golf Digest (South Africa), September 2015

Golf Digest (South Africa), September 2015Golf Digest has really had some amazing covers recently, but this one, as it’s done specifically for the South African issue, it’s worth a mention. It features SA-born Justin Rose, though it’s the clever use of lines, circles and objects that draws my eye (to his!).

SA Rugby, September 2015

SA Rugby, September 2015: EnglishSA Rugby, September 2015: Afrikaans
SA Rugby’s 2015 World Cup Special Edition (a Bible to many Rugby lovers, I’m sure) is out and includes a fantastic “The Ultimate Fan Guide” booklet with even more World Cup-loving information. But that’s not why it’s on my list.

I’ve included it because the overall cover is powerful and jumps right out at you with great colour combos and, of course, the sexy cover-candy!

Oh, and if you’re Afrikaans, you should be extra-excited, as there’s now also an Afrikaans issue!


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