MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international magazine covers this week:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Discovery (Cathay Pacific)
  • Ferment
  • Interview
  • MC1R


Bloomberg Businessweek, 10 August 2015

Bloomberg Businessweek, 10 August 2015To get the full story behind this awesome cover, you must read the article, which is once again brilliantly presented.

In summary: Europe doesn’t like Google, and wants it to pay tons and tons of money for various reasons. Watch the interview about how the cover was conceptualised, and some of the other options it had.

Discovery (Cathay Pacific), July 2015

Discovery (Cathay Pacific), July 2015: Sandra RauchDiscovery (Cathay Pacific), July 2015: Pete RossDiscovery (Cathay Pacific), July 2015: Michael LamDiscovery (Cathay Pacific), July 2015: Katrina Teh
I discovered the relaunch of Discovery, in-flight magazine for Cathay Pacific, a bit late, but thought it’s just too beautiful not to show.

Here it asked four local artists (Michael Lam, Sandra Rauch, Pete Ross and Katrina Teh) to illustrate “what ‘Discovery’ meant” to them — with amazing results, I’m sure you’ll agree! Read more here.

Ferment, Issue 14

Ferment, Issue 14What a smart graphic to illustrate and convey the message “Together we can brew it”, while staying true to the brand! Read the issue here.

And, if you also didn’t know, Ferment “experiments in the global craft alcohol movement” and is created by “UK’s largest and fastest growing craft beer club”, Beer52.

Interview, August 2015

Interview, August 2015S.E.X.Y! Being a bit of a Belieber myself, I really appreciate the work that has not only gone into this cover (how clever with the three images on top of each other!?), but also the whole photoshoot! And look who did the interview! Very cool :-).

MC1R, Issue 2

MC1R, Issue 2As I understand it, MC1R is the gene that contributes to red hair, thus a very appropriate (and cool!) name for the world’s first magazine “created especially for redheads”.

What with only a circulation of 2 500, it’s small but unique and beautiful! Be sure to get a better idea of what to expect, here.


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