MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and South African magazine covers this week:

  • New York
  • O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine
  • ELLE South Africa
  • House and Leisure
  • Golf Digest South Africa


New York, 23 February 2015

New York, 23 February 2015The new issue of New York magazine has a smorgasbord of ‘strange’, or rather, atypical, stories… “What it’s like to be in love with a horse. And to see 100 million colors, and to have a micropenis: Ten outliers tell us how their lives are shaped by their differences”.

New York, I don’t think anyone could have thought of a better way to illustrate ALL of the above, and more, with just one simple idea!

O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, March 2015

O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, March 2015Oprah Winfrey is known for her over-styled, and also over-photoshopped covers. But the March 2015 is just so bright and cheerful, and the colours so well co-ordinated, that I just had to share it.

And yes, the boxes are real, and she’s really sitting on them!

To prove it, I’ve included a link to her behind the scenes pictures of the shoot.


ELLE South Africa, March 2015

ELLE South Africa, March 2015Kim Kardashian eating cake has been on the January 2015 cover of ELLE UK already. Instead of just ‘copying and pasting’, the ELLE South Africa team actually did something I never thought it would: a very close crop of Kim not looking ‘that’ sexy… [She’s still being sexually suggestive; she’s just not in a bathing costume— ed-at-large.] But I think it’s GREAT that the team did that!

On the magazine’s website, there’s “10 reasons to buy ELLE March”, and no. 1 is:

“So you think you know Kim Kardashian? Think again. The lady that gets 20 new Twitter followers a minute tells-all in this ELLE exclusive 6-page story.”

Nothing can make me forgive Kim for her recent cover stunts, but I have to say that I really like these un-sexy-cake-eating ones…

House and Leisure, March 2015

House and Leisure, March 2015 House and Leisure, March 2015: both coversThe March 2015 issue of House and Leisure has to be one of my favourites — not only because of the stunning cover image(s), but also the way the “Small Spaces” stories has been presented to readers. Some really amazing spaces and ideas!

Getting back to the stunning cover: it showcases two levels, with the bedroom at the top. But what you might not know that there are actually two covers! One has the bedroom is painted teal, and the other raspberry.

I’m sure it’s Photoshop, but it illustrates the difference colour and paint makes in a small space…

Golf Digest South Africa, March 2015

Golf Digest South Africa, March 2015Golf Digest, March 2015While Golf Digest South Africa may be sporting the same bejazzled driver as its international siblings, it’s still worth showing as it’s something amazing!

Are you familiar with the term “vajazzle”? (Google is your friend.) I’m wondering if there’s isn’t a similar term for golfers, inspired by this cover :-)

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