MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international magazine covers this week:

  • FT Weekend Magazine
  • Newsweek
  • Old Tat
  • Stylist (France)
  • The Big Issue (UK)
  • Variety


FT Weekend Magazine, 31 January 2015

FT Weekend Magazine, 31 January 2015FT Weekend Magazine looks at the importance of forensics and DNA, and illustrates the cover article brilliantly with the “markers” spelling it out.

The importance of forensics is especially top of mind with South Africans currently, after the horrible murder of the Van Breda family in Stellenbosch, where police are said to be making extra sure they build a very strong case with the evidence on the scene…

Newsweek, 6 February 2015

Newsweek, 6 February 2015Naughty and smart!

Old Tat

Old Tat, Issue 2, split cover Old Tat, Issue 2, split cover Old Tat, Issue 2, split coverI’ve never heard of Old Tat magazine, but these three covers (and backpages!) are beautifully done, creating a great collection of covers.

Old Tat is a bi-annual magazine featuring fashion, art, documentary, illustration and more. Read more about what Old Tat stands for right here.

Stylist (France), 29 January 2015

Stylist (France), 29 January 2015The scariest thing for a publisher/editor/designer: the page(s) not printing correctly!

Here this is, of course, done on purpose, and with a drastic ‘miss-print’, but executed so well that the reader is still able to recognise the magazine and brand.

Google Translate translates the coverline as “This magazine is a successful model”. Not too sure if that’s correct, and the reference, but I quite like the concept.

The Big Issue (UK), 25 January 2015

The Big Issue (UK), 25 January 2015I thought it was rather smart to jump onto the Page 3 The Sun bandwagon in order to promote The Big Issue’s Page 3 (which very positively features a different vendor every issue).

This reference here is to the big story of The Sun that stopped publishing its infamous Page 3 girl, after 44 years — only to start publishing it again after a week!

Read the background to this story right here.

Variety, No 4, 2015

Variety, No 4, 2015Variety had a special feature about “Broken Hollywood” (read it here here) and, when you think about Hollywood and the movie industry, you think about the Hollywood sign.

This cover could have gone in so many different directions to illustrate the story, but what the editorial team has come up with may well get them into my #MagLoveTop10 list at the end of 2015! Brilliant!

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