MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and local magazine covers this week:

  • Esquire Singapore [(Fe)Male Issue]
  • FT Weekend Magazine
  • New York
  • Stylist
  • VISI
  • SARIE Woon


Esquire Singapore, November 2014

Esquire Singapore, November 2014Robert Downey Jr + B&W photograph + great location + (Fe)Male Issue = great November 2014 cover!

FT Weekend Magazine, November 2014

FT Weekend Magazine, November 2014We had “Video Killed the Radio Star” and now FT Weekend Magazine is looking at how YouTube is “Taking a bite out of TV”, in a creatively illustrated cover story!

New York, 17 November 2014

New York, 17 November 2014I’m already starting to think in Emoji while I’m talking, so I’m definitely guilty of “Speaking Emoji”. Not only is this cover brilliant in capturing the cover story, but the story itself is brilliant, too ;-). Read it here.

Stylist, November 2014

Stylist, November 2014It’s not every day that a main cover story is about ‘books’, but Stylist has gotten it right, not only in making people take note, but also in wanting to read it!

The list of “25 Classics Every Woman Should Read” was compiled by ‘Lisa Simpson’ as she is “one of the wisest minds in existence”, and is “often seen clutching a copy of The Bell Jar and quoting lines of her favourite prose”.

A fabulous editorial concept, and extremely well-executed! Read the full list, as chosen by ‘Lisa Simpson’, right here.

WIRED, December 2014

WIRED, December 2014Continuing with brilliant editorial concepts is WIRED! Not only is the cover haunting and mysterious, but the issue was ‘directed’ by Christopher Nolan, who is on everyone’s lips for directing the movie “Interstellar”.

But, wait, it’s doesn’t end there… According to New York Daily News, Nolan “couldn’t fit all his great sci-fi ideas in his film’s 2-hour, 50-minute running time” so, as an exclusive with WIRED, he published a ‘lost chapter’ as a comic called “Absolute Zero”, which is a prequel to Interstellar! Fantastic!

And, to make fans even more excited, WIRED and Christopher Nolan released probably the best ‘trailer’ for a magazine issue I have ever seen!



VISI, Issue 75Wow! Just look at this cover for a few seconds! The colours, the angle, the dress, the reflections! To me, it’s all bright and beautiful” and oh so striking!

The picture is from the shoot that took place at the KLûK CGDT boutique store in Bree Street, Cape Town.

Something else worth mentioning is that this is a strong issue as a total! I just got lost in the pictures and beautiful venues and locations… So worth a buy, especially if you haven’t bought it in a while.

SARIE Woon, 2014/2015

SARIE Woon, 2014/2015Fitting in perfectly with my VISI cover selection is SARIE Woon, also with a similar palette of bright and cheerful colours, and definitely standing out from the crowd!

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