by MediaSlut (@MediaSlut) My choice of the best international and local magazine covers in MagLove this week:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek (Middle East)
  • Variety
  • Computer Arts
  • Monet
  • Esquire
  • VISI


Bloomberg Businessweek (Middle East), 1 July 2014

Bloomberg Businessweek (Middle East), 1 July 2014

A new rail network in the Middle East is big news, creating a lot of debate, is more expensive than budgeted, and not reaching set deadlines (sounds so familiar…).

I think the final cover where it actually built a model railway illustrated it all perfectly, and everyone in the Middle East will immediately grasp what it’s all about…! Which is what a cover should do. [I thought the cover was an apt depiction of the Middle East actually — ed]

You can read more about the cover here.

Variety, June 2014

Variety, June 2014: Allison WilliamsVariety, June 2014: Christina HendricksVariety, June 2014: Aaron Paul

Variety magazine just keeps churning out beautiful covers! This time, the two images blending into each other got my attention, and also the angle of the cover story.

Actors in supporting roles usually play 2nd fiddle in movies/series’, but there have indeed been some breakout roles where this was just the “springboard to stardom” for them. Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Allison Williams (Girls) are just a few examples…

You can read the full article here.

Computer Arts, Issue 229

 Computer Arts, Issue 229

I think a lot of art directors at agencies can learn a lot from magazine/editorial designers.

On the cover of Computer Arts, they look at “Type Secrets” and they reveal “why thinking like an editorial designer will sharpen your typography skills.” And they did this by breaking almost every rule in the design book!

Monet, July 2014

 Monet, July 2014

Monet, a magazine all about everything pop culture, has done a pretty cool  job at showing the many faces and characters of actor Johnny Depp. The only character I couldn’t guess was the ‘bowtie’-section…

Esquire, August 2014

Esquire, August 2014

I really think that Esquire did not only do a great job with Cameron Diaz on the cover, but a bloody brilliant job with the logo and cover line effects on the wall!!

I just can’t work out if the team actually painted it (doubt), or if it’s just a brilliant photoshop and design job…

Either way, it’s sexy and marvellous!


VISI 73 (On sale from Monday)

 VISI 73

The new cover of VISI, only out on Monday, has done everything in the cover-rule-book right as far as I’m concerned!

The team has used bold colours that draw attention and work together perfectly. I wouldn’t mind “copying and pasting” this bedroom…

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