Diane Charton, MD of Red & Yellow, talks to about the school’s rebrand.

MarkLives: Tell us about the design process for the new Red & Yellow brand identity?

Diane Charton: In creating our new logo, we asked: “Why is the brand called Red & Yellow?” To the most people, it may seem like a pretty random choice of colours.

We spoke to a couple of students, and it seemed that everyone had a different interpretation of the symbolism of red and yellow.

Taking into account the fact that the school is a creative place, that it’s young, and that the merger of Red & Yellow and Quirk Education heralded the introduction of online courses and master classes for professionals, we realised that the school now offers a different experience for everyone.

Our solution: a flexi-logo. A logo that exists in different versions of an “&” (ampersand), with each different ampersand reflecting different interpretations of red and yellow.

Each of the versions is created by a student or employee and each means something different.  To me, Red & Yellow is about collaboration, hence: You&Me.


Red & Yellow logo: Di Charton, You & Me

More student and employee logos:

Red & Yellow logo: Abby Mills, Passion & KnowledgeRed & Yellow logo: Tian van Heerden, Simple & ComplexRed & Yellow logo: Kelsey Hamilton, Then & NowRed & Yellow logo: Ashton van ven Bergh, Creativity & CaffeineThe flexi-logo also represents the continual need to support change, development and improvement in education, something that is constantly on the move and ever-changing. Since the purpose of a logo is to form a visual representation of who we are, we feel that the flexible element of the logo represents the very personal and individual learning experiences of our students, as well as the need to continually develop and improve our educational approach.

The Red & Yellow element of the logo (the yellow symbolising logic and red creativity) has remained constant — and the application of the red and yellow colour scheme has remained constant. Red & Yellow represented a place that helped build a bridge between logic and magic, as it is in this environment that great, meaningful work is produced. We now realise that it is more than just that, as each person’s experience of the bridging between creativity and logic is different and will result in different applications and skill sets entering and contributing to the industry.

Red & Yellow logo: Social Media signage - Community & EngagementThese flexi-logos will appear on our stationery, on our website, on our emails and on our social media pages, reminding everyone that Red & Yellow means different things to different people.

It’s a corporate identity that is able to constantly evolve with the school. And while the ampersand may vary, the rest of the logo stays constant. So the new identity of the school is a collaboration between all of us. The flexi-logo also acknowledges the evolving marketing communications industry as how Red & Yellow’s courses will adapt and evolve as the market evolves.

Red & Yellow logo: Chantelle Rautenbach, Simple & RewardingMarkLives: So a lot of people was involved in this project?

Charton: It was a collaborative approach, spearheaded by Carmen Schaefer [graphic design and art direction lecturer]. Everyone across the business was involved including the students [being a large representation of the market itself].

MarkLives: What does the rebrand mean for the school?

Charton: The new business represents where education is going. We provide opportunities for individuals to upskill themselves in a way that best suits them and not the institution. We are living in a digital era which provides us with the capabilities to learn and upskill in a way that best suits us.

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