MediaSlut (@MediaSlut)’s choice of the best international and local magazine covers in MagLove this week:

  • Huffington
  • Hunger (series)
  • The Boston Globe
  • Sarie (“Voorbladgesig” competition)
  • Ideas (Creative Ideas issue)

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Huffington, 6 October 2013


Visually, a very strong cover, with the help of almost purely typography. It makes you WANT to read it. It’s actually a very smart concept, executed brilliantly.

HUNGER, Issue #5

Hunger 1 Hunger 2 Hunger 3

Hunger 4

HUNGER is a magazine “For the culturally & visually hungry”, and it’s definitely made me hungry to see more because of it’s great (and clean) design on i’s cover(s). You can view its previous covers here, and you might notice that the latest issue has had a complete makeover.

What I really like about this series of covers (four in total), is that each of them are so ‘clean’ and ‘simple’, and with a splash of a strong image within a shape that frames it all visually.

The Boston Globe (G-section), 4 October 2013

The Boston Globe G

One of the movies of 2013 I’m hearing a lot of positive things about, is “Gravity”. And, from what I know about the movie, this cover of G (a section within The Boston Globe) covers it in a brilliant way with simple usage of imagery and (fading) typography.

Not familiar with the movie? Then these trailers are a must-watch.


SARIE, November 2013

Sarie 11 November 2013

SARIE magazine’s annual “Voorbladgesig” competition is now in its third year, and the winner is once again a beautiful and worthy cover.  Every year, SARIE takes a massive risk to put an ‘unknown’ face on its cover, so it’s extra important that it’s not only the best possible winner, but also the best possible cover.

This year, the prize and title goes to Marike Nel, and the second runner up was Zelda O’Brien. And I think SARIE got it right to make Nel not only look like she’s a pro at this (and already famous), but the colours are just all so fresh and perfect.

Creative Ideas, 2013

Ideas Creative 2013

The Ideas team has done it again, this time with its “Creative Ideas” annual issue, where it takes embroidery to a whole new level, from top to bottom.

My only criticism would be that the flower image is a big dull, and that it was an opportunity to ‘embroider’ a brighter and more modern one.


MagLove by @MediaSlut is a regular slot featuring the best local and international magazine covers every week, recognising well thought-out, powerful and interesting (and hopefully all three-in-one) covers and celebrating the mix of pragmatism, creativity and personal taste that created each of them. The (for now anonymous) blogger behind MediaSlut knows way too much for his own good about media in South Africa, magazines in particular. His mission is to show when SA magazines fail but, most importantly, also when they succeed. If you’re looking for a library about SA magazines and news, this is your one-stop pitstop. #MagazinesForTheWin

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