5 replies on “Cell C puts new agency decision on review”

  1. So does that mean that cell c has left ogilvy for good? And if so then Ogilvy has only one big account left? KFC. Whats happening to all the big agencies? They can’t keep their clients?

  2. the big agencies cant keep their clients because of the “over R 100 million in billings”. I have never once chosen a network because of their advertising or branding, what a waste of money.

  3. Ogilvy did a great job relaunching the new Cell C brand. Ogilvy fired Cell C not the other way around, because the clients doesn’t know what they are doing and confused the communication partners. I support Ogilvyfor doing that. Cell does not have a vision as a brand. Vodacom is currently running with Knott-Craig’s vision. He helped with the succession planning at Vodacom, what is he bringing to Cell C?

  4. Interesting how Marklives deleted my comment about Alan Knott-Craig little problems with nepotism while at Vodacom awarding his son and family millions of rands in business. This story was broken by the sunday times and ran on the front page so its not a malicious rumour. Why would Marklives want to pretend this never hapened??

  5. @Candice – you don’t think Volkswagen, Audi, Cadbury, SAB and MNet are big accounts?

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